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Fall Prospecting Is Simply The Best

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Looks promising from what I can see. and I have to say I love the area that your in.

How deep is the hole for the pump that your using on the sluice?

Have you tried the bottom of the creek yet and if so what has it turned up.

Good luck and good hunting.

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I remember seeing a sluice set up composed of nothing but a long slick plate and rows of Magnets underneath. The field from the rows of Neodymium Magnets underneath the sluice bed would catch the Magnetite above as it flowed, the built up magnetite would form the “riffles”. The set up was for running WaterFront beach Sand …  I liked how simple the concept was.. I’ve never tried this method but it SEEMED fairly easy to pack in, setup, dial in, run…,break down and pack out..

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