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The Beach Gives Up Another Odd Ball Find...


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It rang up a 58 on the Manticore.  It was about 3 scoops down in the wet sand.  It is 5 1/2 inches long.  What the hell is this?  Geez, the crazy stuff people take to the beach!!!  It appears to be a long barreled automatic pistol with a hockey blade on a round shaft.  The pistol appears to be made of a darker metal than the hockey stick.  Looking at it with a loupe, there is NO seam between the barrel and the hockey stick though.  It appears to be a solid, one piece of metal.  This hobby sometimes drives me nuts.  LOL  Most of the time I usually have an idea of what I find.  This time, maybe a gangster hockey stick???  But if it is, they have the blade upside down.  Ha ha.  

I am trying to think outside the box, but I am having a challenging time on this one.  Someone, anyone, please, what is this?????


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Looks like a cocaine spoon or a novelty pipe bowl cleaner.

Just guessing on this, hope to read what it actually is.

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Interesting mystery item ! 🤔

Hockey stick ? Not like any I ever owned , the blade part is wrong.

VL's coke spoon idea  ? I've seen a lot of people using them just never saw one up close . (things that must be ignored to keep job) Seems plausible though.


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lots of drugs on the mind here, looks like one side of kind of glasses , you know that broke off a pair of glasses of course used to find their drugs.  😜

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2 hours ago, Slimpickuns said:

Is a tool used for smoking cannabis oil... The one below isn't exactly like the one you found but you get the idea...



Slimpickuns wins the kewpie doll.  Leave it to a SoCal boy to have the answer.  Wrong weapon though, but right site.  LOL

M4 Rifle Metal Dabber – Empire Smokes   Mine has the stock broken off and the dabber bent somewhat.  

I guess if I were younger or had a few more aches and pains I might have known what a dabber was.  LOL  

Thanks for the education!!!  Now what did I do with that container of THC concentrates that I found close by the dabber???

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2 hours ago, King-Of-Bling said:

Go ahead. You can admit it. It's from your own personal drug kit ! I think me & Slimpickuns have found many of those , just not with the AK47 design. Cats outta the bag Cuniagau 🤣

KOB, I was "Up in Smoke" on this one.  Glad you SoCal boys have set me straight.  (or have you steered me in a different direction?  LOL   This hobby is a constant education for sure.


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