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Steve Herschbach

World Gold Panning Championship Back In The U.S.

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I have always thought it a bit odd that the World Gold Panning Association is a European based organization, but the fact is gold panning existed long before the United States came along. That being the case the championship finals usually take place someplace other than the U.S.

Except this year, when the competition takes place at the El Dorado County Fairgrounds in Placerville, California. The qualifying rounds take an entire week and the competition is already underway!


El Dorado County Gold Week is a special county wide week of events scheduled around the 2016 World Gold Panning Championships. Look for festivals, concerts, rare access to hidden historical areas, special entertainment and more.

The 2016 World Gold Panning Championships

The El Dorado County Fairgrounds will look like the gold rush that started in 1848 when James Marshall discovered gold in the tailraces of his lumber mill, just a few miles away in Coloma, along the South Fork of the American River.

Competitors will be panning native sand and gravel to find placer gold in record time! It’s a gold panner’s dream to win a GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE medal in a World Championship Competition.

Panners from over 20 countries will be competing in categories that include: Juniors, Men, Women, Veterans, Classical Pan, 2-Person Team, 3-Person Team, 5-Person Team and The National Team.

September 11-18 2016
El Dorado County Fairgrounds
100 Placerville Drive
Placerville, CA 95667
(530) 621-5860



Also, I found out recently Minelab is a sponsor of the event and will have a booth set up today and continuing through the weekend. They will be highlighting the new Minelab PRO-GOLD Panning Kit and will have plenty of them on hand for sale. Look for them there.

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