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Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Technology ( And A New Detector ) - Coming In 2017

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 I now have a lawsuit going right now. I wanted to buy the GPZ 7000 but wanted to try it out before I buy. The first thing happen was I hurt my shoulder swinging it but then they told me the price. Here I am with a hurt shoulder and they hurt my pride because I can't afford it. If that's not enough for a lawsuit I don't know what is.

If you feel sorry for me just send money. haha


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Walked into the detector dealer and after hearing the Zed price my allready stress induced eyebrow twitch started twiching 30% faster.

Garett Z-link just what the 705 needed. Then minelab will bring out the wireless 805 and my left eyebrow will start twitching.

Operating time is decent, you can plug in any headphone you like,... just what the doctor ordered!

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Personally, I find it disappointing when a rather old technology like blue-tooth hasn't already been widely integrated within new detectors. For some reason detector manufacturers seem to operate ten calendar years behind in technology with a few choice exceptions. Bluetooth and other wireless technologies are absurdly cheap from a hardware perspective and could easily have been integrated, for multiple purposes, a long time ago. 

I will give Garrett a nod for being on the ball by picking up on what isn't already dated technology and making use of it. However, I would put a lot of money on the table and say that their Z-Lynk technology is simply a Wi-Fi direct dongle and receiver that transfers data at....drum roll please...6X faster than current Bluetooth hardware! And no, this isn't the same as the Wi-Fi you're probably connected to right now. Unless you've been sleeping in cave the last five years or so you're certain to have heard a thing or two about the burgeoning industry of the Internet of things. This isn't expensive tech either and Garrett is smart to be making money from it.

Lastly, current blue-tooth has a delay of about 100 millisecond +/-, while WiFi direct is at 15 millisecond +/-. While this sounds impressive when they tout the 6X faster, is your coil really moving so fast that less than a tenth of a second is going to be a vast improvement over current Bluetooth headphones when pinpointing that nugget? I'll leave that for everyone else to decide. 




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