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New Detech Metal Detector - The Chaser

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Hi Ron,

I am not sure how my post could be construed as meaning that. It is a new model about to be introduced. All I was doing was linking to an earlier thread on the subject - one of my jobs as admin.

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Hey Ron, no worries. In one regard it really is nothing new at all. JAMFD - Just Another Mid Frequency Detector in a world already flooded with similar units. I have lost count of the number of single frequency detectors running in the 13 - 15 kHz range. Do we really need another?


The new Chaser is intuitive and extremely easy to operate:

  • 5 languages Menu – English, French, Russian, Spanish and Turkish
  • It also features a HELP function in each of the languages in order to make thing easy for the beginner operator

With its multi-purpose 14 kHz operating frequency, this exceptional all-terrain metal detector is useful for all kinds of metal detecting:  coin shooting, relic hunting, nugget hunting, searching for very deep treasures, beach hunting… you name it!

  • 180 units precise VDI scale
  • ID band on the display, showing the conductivity of the different targets, indicating the chosen degree of discrimination
  • Easily adjustable discrimination levels
  • Four preset discrimination programs: DISC ZERO, RELIC, COINS, BEACH.
  • Choice of three audio modes of operation: ONE TONE, DUAL TONE (MIXED), Tonal Identification (MULTITONE)
  • Accurate PINPOINT function with audio and visual indication
  • Easy to use MENU featuring 6 functions having intuitive assigned ICONS: Sensitivity, Volume, High/Low GAIN, Tone, Frequency, Memory (you can save your last used settings)
  • Full Ground Balance capabilities: Automatic (real time terrain tracking), Manual (you can fine tune it according to your specific needs and terrain) and Fixed (factory preset average value)
  • Built-in LED dual torches for illuminating the coil and the area in front of the operator (the operator can activate this function which is very useful for night hunting)
  • High Resolution 256 x 160 pixels illuminated display

Available coils: Ultimate 7”, Ultimate 9″ and Ultimate 13” search coils.

All search coils are fiber glass reinforced, ultralight, solidly built, waterproof and shock-resistant. Scratch resistant coil covers come standard with all coils.

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I do like the look and the handle style is much more comfortable on my wrist. Yes its another vlf ...but pretty impressive on how clear the tone is on that non ferrous target with the iron nail over it. For me that would be the key to buying one, not necessarily the depth. Some detectors for my ears at least have way to much chatter..in trashy areas..would love to see more tests done by Detech in showing us what makes this one different form the others. 

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I agree AuWander and lest anyone assume otherwise I did not mean to slight the Chaser. There are many subtle things that make me like a detector, and how it feels on my arm and how it sounds is high on the list. All the more so when depth is so very close on the top of the line machines as to make little difference most of the time. At the end of the day, the more options the better.

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    • By locator
      Today I was watching the web (again) to buy the Arrow for my White's. The only shop I came up with was one in Bulgaria so far. So I tried amazon but had no luck to find the Arrow for the DFX, but came up with this video... and thought it might be of some interest to some of you.
      Good Luck & Happy Hunting
    • By Steve Herschbach
      I have been lobbying for over 6 years - more like a decade - for somebody to produce a replacement for either the White's Bigfoot, or Tesoro Cleansweep coils. These narrow 18" long coils are superb at scanning large areas for relatively shallow targets, making them excellent for jewelry detecting in large fields, and for vacuuming up recent coin drops. They are so efficient at this that some planted coin hunts prohibit them as an unfair advantage. Also great for beach detecting recent drops, relic/coin hunting huge fields, patch hunting for gold nuggets, even meteorites. See my long thread here for details on the subject.
      The short story is that the Bigfoot was a 3" x 18" figure 8 wound coil, specific to some White's models. This design has advantages, but is very hard to make, pretty much a hand made coil. And to really work best, a detector needs to be optimized for it (see additional post below). Barring some process breakthrough, I expected getting this coil back into production to be difficult at best. I therefore also concentrated on the Tesoro Cleansweep design as an option, as it is simply an elongated DD coil, much easier to produce properly in volume at lower cost, and with no oddball operating characteristics.
      I tried to get Nokta/Makro in particular to make these, as they are generally open to new ideas, and I thought, and still think, a detector sold with this coil as stock would be a unique offering that would attract attention. That came to naught, unfortunately. Then, about a year ago Detech contacted me on another subject. I used that opportunity to once again bring up the elongated coils as an ignored market, and they seemed enthusiastic about pursuing it. But then nothing, silence for a long time. I pretty much gave up hope. I was contacted by another old detectorist on the subject recently, and said just that. I had lost the original contact info from Detech, and was resigned to these coils never happening again. And frankly, I have one, so I'm covered. I just wanted so much for others to be able to get their hands on these coils, especially for machines that never had them as an option.
      Well, miracles happen!! I just was notified that Detech is producing a 4" x 18" DD coil that will be available soon (not sure how soon, but they may chime in on this thread hopefully). I do not know the weight or price, but with Detech I am sure that the price will be reasonable. The best part is that it will be for more than one brand of detector. The list I was just provided with:
      - FISHER'S F75
      - WHITES' DFX / MXT / M6
      And so without further ado, let me give you your first look at a genuinely new product for some detectors, the Detech Arrow! One of my favorite all-time coils is the Detech Ultimate series, so I know they make some great coils. This is a niche coil, but one many people crave. I want to give a very personal thanks to Detech for doing this, as it is something I have tried hard for a long time to get somebody to do, and they have granted this old guys wish finally. Thank you!

    • By Steve Herschbach
      I was just notified of a new coil for Simplex - 15" Ultimate from Detech. The Ultimates are great coils, high performance to weight ratio, so good news in my opinion.
    • By locator
      Hi. I'm looking for a smaller than the 6x10 DD coil for my White's detectors. Would like to hear how the 7" Ultimate performs depthwise and how target separation is.
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      Hey all,
         I was just wondering if anyone else know's anything about these 3 detectors! The flyers where in my new coil boxes! 👍👍

    • By bigtim1973
      I am looking at getting an after market coil for the MXT. Has anyone tried one of the Ultimate or SEF coils by Detech on their unit and if so which model and size did you get and how much of an improvement was it compared to the stock coil??

      Detech 13" DD Ultimate coil for V3i, VX3, M6, MX5, and all MXT models
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