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Vulture Mountains Proposed Mineral Withdrawal

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3 minutes ago, Clay Diggins said:

I prefer dancing girls to operate my pick. So far they prefer round magnets and Hermit picks. If they change their minds (their prerogative from what I've been told) then it will be square or rectangular possibly triangular or asymmetric - I make it a habit not to argue with dancing girls with picks. YMMV :biggrin: 

Good advice Clay, arguing may lead to a rusty pick. 


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For all the current claim owners within that area of withdrawal holding unpatented claims,

 I can not stress enough you must fight this with all your resources!! Do not listen when BLM tells you

"don't worry, you have valid existing rights" !  The moment your claims become entwined in a Withdrawn Area

 you will forever be fighting over what "valid" means. The nightmare will begin!!

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There are some pretty big players in this withdrawal area Dick. I see a big battle behind the scenes. The upper area is somewhat suited to recreation but the area around the Vulture mine is just offensive with no real reason to include it. That's where the big players are so there is some pretty stiff resistance already.

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Boy I hope so Barry. I can not stress enough how important this is for the small claim owner with unpatented claims. Once this designation happens you are forever after in the "withdrawn" status.

 When the Feds slapped a Wild & Scenic River designation over our historic mining district, they not only included the river but many of the side streams that had historic active mining claims!  Very offensive to those of us that were here. Countless meetings and always we were told " don't worry, you have valid existing rights". We were assured this would not impact our existing claims or operations because we were not "new" operations. Well, guess what, all new regs  have the caveat that these only apply to "new operations , or those on withdrawn lands" !! The last 30 years have been a constant battle over validity.  Once they get you into their web of "withdrawn" status it is a regulatory quagmire headache.


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