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The weather was a little warmer today so I decided to travel about 30 miles to the park where I've found lots of old coins. The area used to be used as a lakeside recreation park in the 1920's and has been very good very to me. I searched for a couple of hours hoping the MX Sport would pull some old coin that my XLT had missed.

It seems that the MXS is intended to be swung a little slower than the XLT so I didn't cover as much ground as I'm normally would have. Maybe it was just me trying to pick through a lot of trash and isolate good signals. Anyway, two hours of searching resulted in one recently drop quarter and several really dip digs. After I took a short nap in my camper a fellow came along and asked if I was treasure hunting. He said he had an interest in old coins and showed me his 1964 JFK half dollar. He also pointed to place that he had found a 1927 buffalo nickel that washed out of a bank. He seemed like a nice enough guy although I suspected he was living out of his truck. I told him I had something he might like and went to my truck to get a 1934 buffalo nickel that was in my pouch. I gave it to him to add to his collection and he seemed to really appreciate the gift.

After he left I went over to the area he showed me and after about 30 minutes found an Avery 925 silver ring. This was the first ring that I've found with the MXS and I was really excited. I had promised my wife some rings when the MXS arrived and now I was going to keep promise number one. You see, my house is like the White's commercial where the guy finds a ring and gives it to his wife. EVERYTHING that I find is offered to her and she takes whatever she likes. I know she going to like this one. By the way, when your wife is always wearing rings that you find they add greatly to the conversation whenever metal detecting comes up.

Thank for looking and as always, H Digs!

Avery 925 Silver Ring.png

Avery 925 Ring.png

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For what it's worth.

I just got my Lost Treasure mag. of Feb. issue. and it's a short story about finding old  coins. Carla was talking about where you find old silver coins you need to be looking for gold coins too. Old silver and gold could have been lost at the same time. She said people walking around with silver in their pocket had gold in that same pocket.

I too have the MX Sport and must say I'm happy with it so far.

The Best !


PS I've been thinking about going to a coin shop just to see what readings on gold coins I'd get. I had some gold coins but my ex got them. The shaft I got didn't have gold in it. haha

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A buddy inherited his fathers coin collection and I brought my V3i over one night. These coins were all MS-60 and tested outside laying on a cloth in the dirt over clean ground.

A gold $25 coin will id around clad dime.

A gold $5 will be around pre-82 memorial copper penny.

A gold $2.5 coin id's as a zinc penny.

I'm going by memory, which isn't perfect, but I left his coin collection with no doubts that digging just below zinc memorial penny signals and higher will score a gold coin if it is present.

Dig those zinc pennies!

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On most White's units including the V3i a $20 gold coin reads near Quarter (VDI 85), $10 gold coin near Zinc Penny (VDI 65), $5 gold coin near Screwcap (VDI 53), $2-1/2 gold coin above nickel in Pull Tab range (VDI 32), and $1 gold coin just below nickel (VDI 19). The VDI numbers are approximate depending on depth and mineralization and will vary.


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Mine is weird - some stuff I remember great, like facts/figures. People’s names, forget it! I added a hard to find copy of the standard White's VDI chart to my post. Very informative and shows something I mention often i.e. small gold nuggets and other small gold and platinum items (thin chains, small ear rings, etc) will read as ferrous, especially in bad ground. Basically, gold runs the full range of the scale, the larger the gold item, the higher the VDI numbers.

I usually take the dummy approach when digging jewelry and just dig all non-ferrous, and if anything might notch out zinc penny and higher. But then I would miss silver jewelry like the ring found at the start of this thread.

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