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On 12/15/2018 at 4:46 AM, Rick Kempf said:

Blast from the past on this 2 year old thread.

I just ordered two of them from Poland.

I took the plunge after tracking the ongoing (67 pages now) thread on Geotec.  The thread was started by Eric Foster - noted PI detector designer - and is clearly showing that the Vallon VHM3CS is a very capable and interesting beach and relic machine - and may be useful for native gold as well.


So how did it turn out for you Rick?

One has popped up on my local auction site cheap, fully working.  Tempting.


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Mr Phrunt, I can give  you a little info. I bought one of the two Vallons that Rick had. Carl Morelands Geotech forum has about all the information you can digest. Currently the Vallon thread is up to 77 pages. I use the Vallon on the beach in addition to the Equinox. I use the Equinox probably 95% of the time. I often carry the Vallon on my back to use when I hit that certain situation on my particular beach where the mineralization cripples the equinox. I am waiting for my Impulse and expect the Vallon will get retired.


The Vallon is an awesome piece of kit for the price. you can update the software yourself or send it in and have it done. Before I bought mine RIck sent it in and had it cleaned up and pressure tested plus updated it with civilian software. Vallon is funny about the software and them doing the upgrade. In the US they will update it but not for export for fear it will get used to hunt mines again. The main reason is that the US civilian software will allow you to remove the confidence click that lets the operator know the detector is working every minute. For civilian use it is a pain in the ass. The software does turn on a lot of features.

The Vallon comes with a piezio earpiece (only one ear) and is a pain to use. To use a headset like we use, you need to add a impedance matching transformer. My solution was to get a bluetooth transmitter and go wireless. I just had to buy the transmitter, a plug to match the Vallon plug. If you get the Vallon I can turn you on to all the particulars. All the information is buried in the Geotech forum.

From what I have read the Vallon is not the hot ticket for small gold. There is a fellow from down in your neck of the woods that posted on Geotech Forum a good bit about using his Vallon in the field.

Its a cool machine, built like a tank. Waterproof, only issue is the membrane switches on the pod start to depress on their own after the pod is couple of feet deep but it wont flood!

Thomas who posts as "Carolina" on this site has a Vallon and has used his on the beach far more than me. He is a wealth of information.




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Thanks Tim,  I suspect the guy selling it will be the guy that posted on Geotech then as so few people metal detect in NZ and then to have two people with one of these would be one in a million 🙂

I'll have a good read on Geotech, it seems like it might be a toy for my collection.

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Hi Phrunt,

I have had mine over 2 years now. Actually Rick bought 2 after i posted about using mine. It cost me $388 ozzie dollars landed . The one i got is complete no broken bits. You can't go wrong with it as a beach detector. It is deeper than my whites dual field. I have Powerex rechargeables  which last for ever.

One little trick with it is the battery cap needs to be really tight when you put batteries in the chamber if its not real tight it just won't go. Regards.


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    • By okara gold
      And to be a little more specific...
      I can run my Excal. in pinpoint mode with a sensitivity around 9 in the saltwater.
      I can run the Equinox around 20 sensitivity and recovery speed around 3.
      Any thoughts on which one punches deeper on a coin or ring size object? Thanks!
    • By Tony
      As mentioned in one of my earlier posts and as much as I love my TDIBH........the coil at 12” diameter is just too big in my generally rough ocean conditions....the swell and waves knock it around too much and with zero visibility due to stirred up sand and white water.......anyhow I have managed to secure myself an unused (outdoors) Whites’s Surf Pi Pro that a very nice person called Eric Foster currently owns. It’s had a few changes too by Eric.
      The unit will be outfitted with a recently hand made coil by Eric......a 10” centre mount / 3 spoke coil (Full epoxy fill so no buoyancy problems) with an inline waterproof connector to be able to swap out coils if needed. The coil is in the style of the old Aquastar detector. Centre mount coils are awesome and are very physically stable. I think the AQ will have such a coil. Eric has tweaked the internals of the detector for better gold response.....I think similar to the mods done by Mr. Bill on the Surf Pi Pro. It will be powered by a 10 cell NiMH battery pack or a 3 cell Lithium pack. I’m not going crazy with extra voltage such as the TDIBH so the standard 12v nominal will be more than adequate. I plan to keep the headphones stock.....I’ve always liked White’s 🎧 
      Pictures will be added as soon as possible.
      I was thinking if the Surf Pi Pro is good enough for Steve in Hawaiian conditions then its good enough for me 👍
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The Fisher CZ-21 is one of the best VLF underwater detectors on the market and can double as a good dry land detector. Waterproof to 250 feet, it is the real deal when it comes to diving and built like a tank. It is the only serious competition to the Minelab Excalibur with the main difference between the two the basic physical design and control layout. Performance is too close to call. I personally prefer the CZ-21 due to the east hip mount capability and more distinct tone scheme and true all metal mode. You can get it in 8" or 10.5" coil sizes but the coil is hardwired so be sure and get what you want. Big coils are better on the beach but if you are also thinking parks and such on dry land the 8" is the better option.
      There is a huge price increase coming that will put what you see it currently for sale at as not too far over the new dealer cost! I literally almost just bought one myself just now but veered away before hitting the buy button because - well, you know it - I have too many detectors already anyway. Still, it is almost an investment at this price as used prices are going to take a big jump also.
      Anyway, just a head's up for forum members in case anyone was on the fence about the CZ-21.

    • By walkerrj
      In my "Day Job" I'm fortunate to travel throughout the U.S. and get to the beaches in California and Florida from time to time. Up until now I've been using either my White's MXT, Garrett AT Pro, or Garrett ACE 250 to hit the dry sands. I just purchased a used Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II PI detector on ebay and was wondering what experience other forum members have had with the Sea Hunter or any other PI detector for that matter? I'm guessing I will have a learning curve since this is my first PI detector and dig more trash than I'm used to. Thanks for any advice.
    • By Rick Kempf
      I posted this last month on an old thread in the Metal Detector Advice about the Vallon mine detectors.  The consensus was that as nugget hunters they might not be so great.  While I have no data on that, I suspect that they might be pretty good except on extreme OZ ground - probably equal to or Better than a TDI.  As a beach machine however, they present a really interesting possibility.
      I have now checked out the 2 I bought on eBay from Poland and they both work fine.  Here’s what I posted, followed by a bit of an update....They are a good bit lighter than an ATX - about like a TDI.  3 D cells, but you can use AA to D adapters and lighten that up - the power consumption is quite low and so  that works, but get the ones which take 2 AA’s pr adapter so you can use 4 or 5 for longer run time, the machine runs on 3 - 4.5 volts - pretty remarkable engineering for a PI.
      Blast from the past on this 2 year old thread.
       I just ordered two of them from Poland.
      I took the plunge after tracking the ongoing (67 pages now) thread on Geotec.  The thread was started by Eric Foster - noted PI detector designer - and is clearly showing that the Vallon VHM3CS is a very capable and interesting beach and relic machine - and may be useful for native gold as well.
      http://www.geotech1.com/forums/showthread.php?23169-Vallon-VMH3CS-Mine-Detector - the pics below are from Eric.  The top ones shows a transformer box for conventional headset - see below.
      So, now I have them, I have done some simple functional checks.  They detect a nickel buried in a wash here in AZ 13” down - about what a TDI will do.  The interesting news is the the Vallon agent in the US will update the software to the latest version - free.  If the units are sent postpaid both ways!  So $199 on eBay, $67 shipping, and you have a useful non-discriminating beach PI for under $300.
      They come with the case which is really nice, heavy-duty canvas with shoulder straps and a “one-ear” headset.  The headset connector is a milspec item but the wiring diagram is published and the mating plug is $8 surplus online - Piezo phones only unless you build a transformer in the circuit.

    • By calabash digger
      We went up to White Lake N.C to do a little water hunting with the Hookah system. People have been swimming there for years. My Grandkids love water hunting! Here is a 2 minute video of the trip. Sorry no pictures ... no gold either.  
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