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16 hours ago, Clay Diggins said:

Once you click away from the embed space the map doesn't get anymore input until you click on it again. Try the bigger map and I'll bet you don't lose key commands as long as you are on the page. There is no embed on the bigger map.

Still same issue with the keyboard controls on the small map not working. When I first load the page they don't work (but mouse controls do), even after clicking into the map to ensure it has focus and grabbing and rotating the map. But then clicking on the little information button in the corner allows them to work though after I close the popup window.

Similarly, I can occasionally get them to start working again by getting a popup for the location dialog or mine information dialog, but only after closing the popup and sometimes I have to be zoomed in past a certain level. It's like Chrome won't recognize the map has focus for keyboard input until an information box is opened and then closed.

Fullsize map doesn't have that problem though as you predicted.

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Finally took a look - awesome! Smooth as butter on my iPad Pro and Safari, but slight jerkiness running Chrome on same iPad. Dolphin and Atomic Web browsers on same iPad same as Chrome. Chrome etc. have not yet been optimized for the latest version of iOS.

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Thanks for the great feedback everyone! This has been really helpful.

As some of you discovered this is based on WebGL technology so older browsers and older video cards will probably fail. The "trick" I'm using to making this run so smoothly in your browser is to have your browser download the data files and process them locally. That's a lot faster and cleaner than sending each different view individually like with older web technology like Google Earth.

Using this method I can produce very high resolution and much more accurate 3D models. The drawback is the size of the data that needs to be downloaded by the user. I made a full resolution version of the test map and it was beautiful but it was 1.7 Gb and took nearly 20 minutes to load in my browser from my local folder. Once it did load it was very fast and responsive. If you had to download the file across the internet on a slow connection it might take hours before you would see any results in your browser. That's not a good option.

Obviously these maps need to be either low resolution or only cover small areas at high resolution. Part of my reasoning for developing this type of mapping is so I can display subsurface features. As you can imagine interactive 3D maps of mineralization or mine workings can be very useful. :happy:

East Texas Chris I see what you are talking about with the drag issue. I tried to track user input directly but it doesn't work well perceptually. In other words I got dizzy because once you drag over the horizon the map tends to flip. I did fix the flipping to underground and I'll employ that in future maps but as you can see from my comments above that underground problem might also be seen as a feature depending on use.

Mitchel you might check to see if you have javascript turned on. The symptoms you describe sound like a javascript failure. It could be an incomplete load also or you have webgl turned off in your browser. Here are some instructions that might help you see the map.

Jasong I did manage to reproduce the loss of key focus on the smaller map. I'm going to have to dig deeper to fix that. It might be the way different browsers are parsing the html content or the javascript might have some bad loops. Thanks for updating me on the problem.

It looks like most forum users can access the map and get some use from it. Due to your input I will continue to work on this system. So the question is - given the limitations what would you like to see mapped in 3D? :biggrin:

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