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The Latest On The Deus V4 High Frequency Gold Coils


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did you guys watch that one:???



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No, I had not seen that yet - thanks for posting. Definite signal increase going from 14 kHz to 53 kHz. I would expect it to be even more pronounced on smaller items.

Also note the latest advertising is saying the top frequency on the 9" round coil is 59 kHz, the old early release informations said 55 kHz, and the actual control setting in this video show 53 kHz. It is honestly not enough difference to matter but they need to get their act together on clarifying what the exact frequencies are that will be shipping to people. I would not worry about it personally but some people might get up in arms if told 59 khz and then receive a coil operating at 53 khz. I have seen complaints over far less important things.

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I agree with you Steve not too sure what s happening there one of my mate work in a shop in France and will test it all day tomorrow or Wednesday he is a skilled detectorist maybe the best i know and will feed me with some objective feedbacks.



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Guest Tnsharpshooter

Well, I'm surprised an Xp public relations person(s) haven't come forward with the real low down on their equipment.

They do need one.

USA market I think has been good to them,,,they should be giving us things straight from the horse's mouth.

This shouldn't be coming from dealers either.

But looks like we have to take what we can get.

Step up Xp.

Not that many forums in USA,,to copy and paste some real info to.

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Yeah, coin and relic people have been down a bit on the V4 upgrade but when you add it all up there is a lot there, even for those using the standard coil. I am not sure how useful the XY display is in practice but it is slick.

1 New XY Display
Within the Profile menu is the XY screen option, the XY is an oscilloscope display and can be used as the main screen. The XY display may offer a better visual discrimination aid for certain targets that do not have a specific signature, such as certain large ferrous items, bottle caps etc. The display resolution of the XY trace has 10 levels of magnification thanks to a Zoom function accessible by pressing the Pinpoint button for 2 seconds.


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