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Minelab SDC 2300 "My Detector Would Have Found That!"

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Yesterday Chris and I were discussing some of the "yeah but my machine would have got that responses" that SDC posts seem to attract. Real life is that most gold nuggets found can be found by multiple models of detectors, whatever gets over it first. Nobody is claiming otherwise, least of all Chris or I.

However, anyone who wants to ignore what Bruce Candy has to say on the subject is eventually going to have to wake up to another reality.

“You will find more small nuggets and fine-threaded specimen gold in mineralised soils with the SDC 2300 than any other gold detector, including the GPX 5000.”

- Bruce Candy [Chief Scientist Minelab Electronics, GPX & SDC Inventor]

It is not that the GPX 5000 or other detectors will not find small gold. It is that in highly mineralized ground the SDC will find them better, easier, faster. And it will flat out find small gold that a GPX 5000 cannot. Just like a GPX 5000 will find large nuggets deeper that an SDC cannot. The trick is in recognizing what it is a detector excels at and then applying it to that task. No one machine does everything perfectly, and the only real answer is to apply multiple detectors to each task because you never know for sure what might possibly be found with another model until you give it a try.

I will state that in my opinion the SDC 2300 does exactly what it was designed to do and does it well. It is an amazing little machine. It is not perfect and certainly has room for improvement, but it does deliver the goods.

Everyone should go back a few years and look at all the posts when the GPX 5000 came out, and all the people deriding it as yet another Minelab gimmick designed to part the unwary from their dollars. It has happened with nearly every Minelab model that comes out. It is actually classic stuff that has been studied and about which books have been written. Which category below do you fit into?



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Well said, Mr. Herschbach!


I keep looking on this forum for the "like" button, on both you and Chris's posts regarding the Minelab SDC 2300.


I have read most of the posts by Nenad on the Australia gold forum, AND the quote by Bruce Candy that was included in your post.  Pretty impressive in what is being said!


There is much in the works by others for this new detector, which is the norm for the latest gee whiz machines, to make them more user friendly and appealing to those still on the fence.


I fear that by the time I get to my old patches, you and Chris will have them already vacuumed up at the rate you two are going.  The gold you show is spectacularly beautiful, I must say. 


I hope to be heading up the hills soon, as the weather is moderating, and perhaps I will have some gold photos to share here soon!


Take care,





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Hi Gary,

Thanks, and do get out soon! Would love to see you post some gold finds.

The "Like This" button is in the lower right hand corner of every post. If you do not see it something is up with your browser.

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So this morning I am getting pressed for answers on another forum. I admit to holding back regarding the SDC as I hate to come across as some kind of person pushing a new model. But it was early and I had not had my coffee yet so I fired back an answer. A direct, no beating around the bush answer. So that is done now and I can get on with going metal detecting and looking for gold.

The post http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=27556&p=242968

Copied here for posterity. The question was, what detectors had earlier hunted the patch where Chris and I found nearly a half ounce of small nuggets with the SDC 2300. My answer.....

The question is not being avoided. I thought it was rhetorical. How the heck should I know what has hunted it before? Good question, tell me, what has hunted the ground in the last thirty years?

As said, I found the patch and Chris and I hunted it with the SDC 2300s. That is the answer.

It is 2014 in California and you can drive within a two minute walk from our location. There were no dig holes in the little ridge I found but I have to assume others have been there before. The valley has seen lots of detecting with dig holes and other signs of prospecting. Maybe every detector known to man passed over this spot before and missed the gold. But maybe everybody just walked around the little ridge. I just don't know.

Is the intent of the question again some attempt to determine if you can hunt a patch to death with other detectors and then still go there and find gold with the SDC 2300? Sorry, but as far as I know this particular situation offers no clear evidence to answer that question.

I guess the big problem is people are looking for answers, but at the same time doubting the answers and wanting ironclad tests and proofs. In my opinion the only way any individual can determine for themselves what the answers are to these types of question is to pony up, get the detectors in question, and find out for themselves. That is exactly what I do.

Now, if you want my opinion I will tell you that I think the SDC 2300 can easily follow after or go head to head with a GPX 5000 and easily find gold the GPX misses. I would not have preferred to use my GPX to find the gold I found. I think it would have been harder to use, and would have missed some of the gold I found. I think 99% of GPX operators would have just passed right over this little patch and never have known it was there. So maybe some have. I am pretty sure if I was using my GPX 5000 scouting around the way I normally do I would have missed this patch. I think the SDC is simply better suited for finding these types of patches, and so I intend to keep using it to do just that. The GPX stays home for awhile.

I think the smartest thing any new SDC owner can do is run post haste to every known nugget patch and hunt dawn to dusk. Before the doubters and hesitaters finally figure things out.

Just my opinion. Anyone wanting proof can go get their own. Except to maybe actually believe one other opinion......

You will find more small nuggets and fine-threaded specimen gold in mineralised soils with the SDC 2300 than any other gold detector, including the GPX 5000.

- Bruce Candy [Chief Scientist Minelab Electronics, GPX & SDC Inventor]

That clear enough for you?

[url="http://www.detectorprospector.com/gold-prospecting-equipment/minelab-sdc-2300-waterproof-gold-nugget-detector.htm"More information on the Minelab SDC 2300

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I fear that by the time I get to my old patches, you and Chris will have them already vacuumed up at the rate you two are going.


Lots to do still in California, and I believe the patches you are considering are in Nevada. It will be a good month before I make it to northern Nevada.

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Yes, Steve...I think you are getting old and grumpy like me...

My mistake in asking the question was forgetting to name the person I was writing to...I was asking Chris because he had mentioned being there before. Also, he said he took you to that place...so, with my poor reading and writing skills my question took us down a deadend road.


i am not prone to asking stupid questions and I would never ask you to answer an unswerable question.


You are a great Hunter Of Gold but I know you cannot read minds.



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Yeah Chris, we will hit those places next month.

There are no stupid questions Fred. You made me think about what I really thought and I spit it out. No regrets and nothing to take back - the SDC is one hot little PI and that is all there is to it. There will be lots more gold found by SDC owners posted in the coming months.

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There is no doubt in my mind that you and Chris are proving that the SDC is a great addition to the tool shed.

I know some places where I think the SDC would shine for what it is designed for, unfortunately, I don't have a SDC at my disposal...

Good luck


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First post new member here. Love the graph and I'm glad to see that I finally fell into the innovator group. Looking forward to trying out my 2300 in a couple weeks up in the Trinitys. It fits nicely into my small day pack.  Hoping to learn as much as I can from you guys. 



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      I know there are previous posts about SDC battery compartment seal, I had problems with mine this summer.  
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      With the fantastic weather in the Rye Patch region during the month of October, I was chomping at the bit to get down there, but my summer job didn't end until the 30th. It still took me a few days afterward to get everything wrapped up, so I finally hit the road and met up with Gerry and friends at Rye Patch the following Tuesday. The detector training class we were scheduled to give that weekend ended up being cancelled, thanks to a winter storm that was forecast to move into the area on Friday. Needless to say, having only two days of optimal detecting conditions before being snowed out and forced to move on to Arizona was a total bummer.😞 Intent on finding a few bits of gold in-spite of the looming storm system and armed with our trusty Minelab GPZ 7000 gold detectors (and one SDC 2300 - also quite trusty, btw), we hit an old patch in hopes of digging up some previously overlooked yellow metal. Only two small nuggets were found after a couple of hours searching with four coils on the ground - not a very good start. It was then that I remembered another old patch nearby that I had completely forgotten about, it had been so long since I had been there. It wasn't a very good producer back in the day, but perhaps we would be able to find a few nuggets that the VLF and early PI machines may have left behind. Within minutes of hitting the ground, my good friend Chef Rusty and I both popped a shallow sub-gram nugget; not a bad start. Soon, everyone was digging good gold! My second target gave an obvious yet deep sounding signal response from the GPZ's stock 14” coil. I imagined it to be a three or four gram piece at a depth of 12” to 18”. Gerry noticed me digging quite an excavation and came over to capture the action on video. At a measured depth of 20”, the target was finally out of the hole, and as I held it aloft there was an audible gasp from the audience that had gathered to watch, followed by cheers and fist-bumps:

      After a thorough cleaning, the specimen weighed in at a whopping 40 grams - a totally unexpected and pleasant surprise! The nuggets kept biting sporadically for everyone the rest of the day, and the same was repeated the following day. Just goes to show that sometimes the ZVT tech can really ignite an old burned-out nugget patch. Much fun was had by all, and it really made up for such a short two-day detecting trip. Pictured below are my finds, including the 40 gram chunk, a couple nuggets at over 8 grams, and all the small bits, with a total combined weight of over 66 grams.

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Four used ones advertised on The Classifieds in the last couple days, one sold already. Seems like Gerry’s circle of people... you know something the rest of us do not know Gerry?

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