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IMG_0516.thumb.JPG.fa17645507d477001806fbba89b711be.JPGMy little kiln arrived from America and I gave it a workout the same day then sold the gold the next day. I used the chapman flux supplied and only lost a few grams.

The purity was around 88-89%, the rest silver. Pulled in au$9,742 @ $48 a gram, spot at the time was $52. Happy with that.

Try as I might, it just will not allow me to post a photo ??

Submitted the post then hit edit and the photo option worked.

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To add pic
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I used a tiny shallow dish crucible from 


I feel like a cheap ass buying the least expensive product they sell ?. BUT, i saw them at the gold show in Sonora a couple years back... I was not planning on or looking for melting supplies, I let $20 burn a hole in my pocket and I just couldn't help get the cruicible and a little anhydrous borax.

Then I put a little pile of fine gold in the cup and used a "plumbers" MAPP gas torch for a few minutes. Turned out a 7.6 gram button. I'm not sure if it's possible or feasible to "smelt"(?) gold and purify it on that small of a scale of which I was operating. I didn't have any precious metal separation, but there was some dirt and black sand in the fine gold that I started with, that got separated off. 





I'm keeping that little thing...

Coota, your bars are EPIC! ?

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Well done Coota they look great.   I`ve got all the gear to do a pour but I haven`t tried it yet.


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Johnny Hobo of "Hobo Gold fame" here on this site from Australia makes them and sells them. But I think I should get him to answer this one.

wombat :wink: 

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This is the little unit I purchased, about au$300 including postage.

Phoenix I used Map gas, cranked it up full bore first go and caused a little damage to the kiln, they burn a lot hotter than I expected. Toned it down after that, taking 10 minutes per pour start to finish.

Wombat, I searched everywhere in Australia but couldn't source a locally made one. I do prefer buying local when possible.

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Hi all

well mike and i were lucky to win one of these in a raffle at a club outing in W.A



he brought his own mapp gas and torches


worked a real treat. There is 3x just over 1oz and 1 over 2 oz

the gold used to make these ingots, were less then half gram pieces

they were tiny tiny specks.

This was part of what we found in W.A last season




Best part.. if your not happy with the outcome, you can re-melt them again :wink:




Hobo's gold ( Johnny ) facebook page where he is selling his kiln kits



forgot to mention.. you have to be a member on his facebook page. here's a pic.. hopefully he will put his add up here for those that may be interested 


Hope you didn't mind me placing this up here Johnny.. :blush:  :tongue:

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In the field I find the plumbers propane/oxy torches do pretty well for those who can't afford a furnace. They'll melt buttons way quicker than mapp if you are just using a crucible in open air.

Gotta be careful though, too hot and you can vaporize gold! Mapp wouldn't melt the gold to make this 3 ounce slug after like 15 minutes of trying, but I went out and bought an oxy torch and the oxy torch did it in a few minutes.

Made a little custom "doubloon" (in my hand next to the other smaller buttons) using the old fashioned cuttlebone casting method too, that's another fun thing you can do when melting gold, cast various things. Like Jen said, if you don't like it just melt and make something new!



2014 various.jpg

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