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Steve Herschbach

Detailed Review Of The Nokta Fors Gold Nugget Detector

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You are welcome! This whole issue of non-ferrous items reading as ferrous in highly mineralized ground is so important I wanted to restate it again, but simplified this time.

Almost any ground with iron mineralization will cause non-ferrous items to read as ferrous. Usually it is something that happens right on the edge of detection depth. However, the more iron mineralization, the less depth it takes for the item to flip over to ferrous.

It does not matter how large the item is either. Small non-ferrous items are more prone to reading ferrous but even very large items will flip in very bad ground.

A picture says it all. This is such a well known thing that White's has for a long time shown it on their simplified VDI (Visual Discrimination Indicator) scale. On most White's 1 through 95 indicates non-ferrous, and the negative numbers -1 through -95 indicate ferrous numbers. Notice how ferrous readings as low as -20 could indicate gold. Yet nearly everyone using any discrimination at all will tune out this range to eliminate finding small ferrous trash.

This happens on all VLF detectors that employ discrimination.


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IMPORTANT UPDATE 3/1/2015 - Nokta is an incredibly responsive company. Shortly after the review in the original post, it was revealed left handed models would be made available on request! Also, the coil scuff covers were upgraded to be thicker and tougher. Finally, the rocker switches were upgraded per the post at http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/551-nokta-fors-new-panel-power-switches-headphone-cap-scuff-covers/ This rapid response to issues raised here and elsewhere is flat out amazing to me; I have never seen anything like it from other manufacturers. This reflects very, very well on this company. I have added a note to the original review alerting people to the changes.

Also, the MSRP was just reduced from $999 to $699 with the internet price being discounted to $595. This is flat out an amazing no brainer value in a prospecting VLF detector. The Pro Package with three coils is only $850.

This aggressive price reduction makes this a unit for prime consideration for anyone wanting a good VLF prospecting metal detector. I still have mine and consider it one of the best I have ever used.

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I do not know but guess before end of the year.

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Wow..... 850......for a total pkg...nice

It costs that much for a ZED coil cover.... hahahaha....

BTW... that was a joke...grinning

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      It is good friday unless you had to go to the dentist like me. My appointment wasn't till early afternoon,  so I had a couple hours to go walking up a canyon near the old channel workings. I seen pocket gold geology as soon as I made it up the canyon a short ways. there is areas out there where the old timers found a few pockets and once in a while you can still find a pocket. but apparently they didnt know I was coming with my detector 140 years later because they took all the good ones. I did find some scraps they forgot. 6 pieces in 3 small areas. 2.8 dwt before my dentist appointment. luckily at the dentist everything was good.  I took along the Fors plus as my bird dog to sniff out those golden birds. Fors plus did a good job and really does well in that kinda geology.  Happy Easter 

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      Well it looked like there was a small window of opportunity to get outside today and get on some gold. Headed back to previous detecting site for some swingin. Moved down range 50 yards from last time to see what was there. Hit a good patch of small stuff that was mostly stuck in bedrock left behind by our historic miners. Only bad thing is I think they had a trap shoot there at one time. I never found so many birdshot bb's in such a small area. Only lasted a few hours then it started clouding up and started to sprinkle. It was fun while it lasted. Once again Fors plus operated great in all metal with "dd" coil. Have to not forget concentric for a try next time. Can't wait till next time. 23 pcs. For 2.5 dwt. Nothing big but the color is nice
      Good luck
      I have a few videos that I will post a link for here shortly

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      After a very busy summer and fall, I had a chance to get out for a couple hours between the rain showers. Went to an old spot that I havent been to in awhile. We hit the place pretty hard before, but fors gold always finds a little more just a little deeper. Found 7 more for 2 dwts. Going to be switching to a new detector this season. So it was fun detecting with Fors Gold one last time. It was a good year and a half with the Fors. But it will have to be the backup now.
      Hopefully it rains alot more. The ground is still as hard as concrete.

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      Took my Nokta to an old creek.... Well I gave the machine a few swings along the bank and found 1 piece so I put the coil in the 6" deep water and sweeped the ground ...not one target ...hit another spot in the water about 5ft away and the machine went nuts... The water was about a ft deep so I pulled out my trusty Keene A52 ...my shovel and classifier and got busy... The pic shows my results 2.8 dwt in an hr and a half...I will be back at that spot over the weekend...for a full day....

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      Just got back from my mini vacation to Tahoe. Had 1 day left before work again and it wasn't too hot. Only in 90's. So figured better get out before our coming heat wave. Went to my cousins property, where we have found some nice gold in the past. And there is no hobos and garbage for once. Just bears. Manzanita berries are ripe and the bears come down to lay around and fill up. I can deal with bears. We have detected there in the past with our gb pros and have grided the place pretty well. But I wanted to try Fors Gold on this ground. And my partner wanted to try her gpx with camo coiltek coil. The ground is one of the worst mineralization around here. It is a contact zone with 3 bedrock types. Most the gold was created in clay seams and is shallow. The old timers had dug shallow seams and some very deep pocket concentrations up to about 15 feet aswell. The biggest gold we found in the past was 1.7 oz with gb pros. So I set my Fors up in boost mode 85 sens for start. Was able to find a nice 1.4 dwt piece of gold right off. Where we allready detected with past detectors. Then another smaller one after another 1/2 hour. Then after a few more deeper leads found a good target mixed in with iron junk. Ended up getting another 1.1 dwt piece and a small one out of same hole. Both dwt pieces were at the 7" mark. All together ended with 2.8 dwt.
      Fors gold did very well finding more targets
      In previously detected ground. My partner did very well with her gpx also finding 6 more pieces.
      Good luck!

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