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Hey Steve

Is this show and tell coil yours? I need to get in contact with the dealer I got my Deus from to see about the cost and get one coming to me. I've yet to cross over to the V.4 but willing to do so after I get the HF coil.

I appreciate you so much for going out finding things of interest to all and posting them here.

Thanks again


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I am waiting just like everyone else - maybe more. That is a screen shot out of the first video posted in this thread. Looks good...

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Great thread Steve , Thanks for your effort . Owning a SDC and not committed to a GPX or Z for my walk detector to maybe find a patch , the Deus is well in my sites as is the Minelab 1000 . I have also thought hard about the ATX but too heavy for this old bloke , maybe the new Garrett suits what I am after . At my age one still believes in Father Christmas , never thought it would last this many years .





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V4  looks good. It's running faster than 3.2 and the coil appears more 'accelerated', a little more sensitive and responsive. It's strange for me to see minus discrimination...  I tested more than 200 hours with -6,4 discrimination but i didn't find any single target to show/hear  a value between -6.4 and 0.

The MI-6 pinpointer is like a normal one, it stays good in hand, it's submersible:

-with Deus you can adjust its sensitivity till 50, but at this level you can't use it in the field because it has a 50-60 cm (2') almost spherical range, (you'll not realize from what direction the target come) so i put sensitivity at 32 = it's about 7cm (3") depth,  it's fine. 

- you can change the sound and create 4 custom programs. It has a searching program if you loose it.

-the pinpointer's battery is very good. I detected 5-6 times x 8 hours and it's still at 60%.

-i couldn't succeed to switch off the pinpointer's LED light (i tried 10-20 times :)) )

-the remote control's  battery in V4 with 11" coil and pinpointer has a higher consumption (+25%)  vs. V3.2 ( but you can count for 2 days, i used headphones, not RC's speaker)

-the 9" HFcoil's battery consumption is aprox. 1/3 lower than 11"s black (maybe a 3-4 days' use at 30-50 kHz ).

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I would agree that V4.0 11" coil battery life is +25% higher than it was in V3.2. Perhaps as bad as +35% depending on frequency chosen and settings used.

It is what I'm most unhappy about with 4.0. I may eventually roll-back to 3.2 if XP doesn't address it with an update. :mellow:

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