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Just wondering how well this new coil actually is for nugget shooting. I haven't got into nugget hunting yet. If I do would I be better off spending the money on something else? I already have the Xp but haven't heard anything much for nugget shooting with this new coil. Be nugget shooting in Nv areas where I live. Thx for any help.

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The 9" round high frequency coil has only just hit the ground, and most people like me are holding out for the elliptical version. That being the case it is simply too early to know based on lack of reviews from actual in field use. All that I know of at the moment are at this thread.

The elliptical coil is due out this month and I am on a waiting list. I will give my thoughts as soon as I am able to put sufficient time on the coil.



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Steve and all fellows,

what is the real difference between the 2 HF coils? (we see the frequencies 50 and 80, and the dimmensions, what about their use and so on?)

it is strange that Xp didn't made a clear distinction between them before lunch (also they delete the link to info you put in your first message here... 



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On 5/3/2017 at 3:45 AM, Ono said:

also they delete the link to info you put in your first message here... 

There has probably been a specification change or correction which necessitated deleting the original document. It has been archived here.

The difference in the coils as far as I know is just in the size, and the top operating frequency. Seems clear to me. I have been waiting on the elliptical coil because the smaller footprint and higher operating frequency means it will be the hotter of the two on small gold. I will use the 11" round coil at 18 kHz if I am chasing gram or larger gold so my only concern is the smaller stuff. The narrow width should also provide better separation in dense trash conditions than all other existing Deus coils. People should also be aware however the elliptical coil is also likely to have the least overall depth on coin size targets in open ground of all the Deus coils.

This commentary may be enlightening.


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