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    • By phrunt
      So, I was out detecting with John (kiwijw) yesterday however that's another story, my Gold Monster was put in the car the night before, we got down quite cold overnight, I think it was -6 but my car was in the garage so I guess it got down to about 0 in the car, then in the morning I jumped in my car and John and I went to a spot to do a bit of gold prospecting.  I found a nice sounding target with my GPX and dug it up but couldn't for the life of me find it, so I went and got my GM1000 and used that to pinpoint the target and recover it, it was just a shutgun pellet, but it was very muddy where I did it and I was sure I had mud under my coil cover so I thought I'd pop it off to take a look as I was right at a creek and figured I'd rinse it off as I wasn't intending on using the Monster the rest of the day so I was going to break it down to put in my backpack rather than leave it lying around as I wander off detecting.
      During the process of popping it off pressing my finger onto the coil caused it to crack, a big crack too... I'm not sure if it was because of the cold the night before causing the plastic to go brittle or a fault with the plastic but surely it shouldn't crack pressing on it to get the coil cover off.
      I've sent Minelab Service an email asking if they're going to cover it under warranty. I think they should, it's hardly any sort of mistreatment however they can probably try get out of it as they could say its some sort of physical damage.  This will be a test as to how good their service is.
      This is the second issue I've had with my Monster, the first was the speaker on it failed, repaired under warranty although Minelab doesn't cover shipping costs in NZ like USA.

    • By PG-Prospecting
      Finally found my fist Virginia picker with the GM 1000 on the private land that i have access too!  This is my first piece of detected gold from here.  Ive found lots of nuggets dredging the creek but nuggets have eluded my detecting efforts.  
      I found this one in a small feeder creek.  I have since detected most of the feeder and found nothing else.  I still have yet to find any pickers or nuggets outside the creek at this location which is frustrating to say the least.  I also run a GPX4800 outside the creek but no dice still.  Up to 12 gram nuggets found dredging in the creek but nothing outside of it.  One of these days lol.  

    • By Mxt Sniper
      I was just wondering if there was any plans of aftermarket coils being produced for the Minelab GM1000? I can think of a couple reasons why they would be welcomed. The coils seem to be impact sensitive, and the coils do not have good edge sensitivity. Am also wondering if a concentric coil can be built to work on the gm1000? I tend to prefer concentric coils over dd's for vlf nugget detecting.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Equinox 800 in the Desert, Gold Monster 1000, and Nuggets.... Part 1
      Published on Jun 11, 2018 Nugget Shooter (Bill Southern)
      Took the EQX 800 out to the goldfields for a run, impressed so far...
    • By goldseeker4000
      I had talked with Detector Pro on the issue of headphones for the Gold Monster 1000 and I said they would do well on sales if someone would come out with a good after market headphones. Well they thought about it and called me back informing me that they are answering the call to produce a high quality headphones for the Monster that will eliminate the external speaker sound from coming thru. These headphones are the same as the Gray Ghost headphones but were made specifically for the Gold Monster. They are the Gold Series and there will be a special headphones coming out for the Exuinox as well. The cord is a pigtail style with an 1/8" jack that shuts off the external speaker. The sound is sharp and crisp with no distortion. The pigtail cord is 6" longer than the Gray Ghost headphones and I assure you there will be no more kneeling on the cord as we all have had to deal with until we just use the Monster without headphones. I feel these headphones are very comfortable  and block out external noises very well and they have a volume control on the side as well. I have the proto type as I have been asked to field test these wonderful headphones by DetectorPro.I will let everyone know when they will be available for purchase.