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Can The XP Deus Really Do It All?

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I have yet to see a multi purpose VLF detector selling for over US$1000 that is any better than dedicated prospecting detectors selling for under US$1000. In fact the dedicated models so far have a history of being better prospecting machines for less money. The XP Deus version 3.2 coils are a good example. I saw nothing to convince me that they are any better for prospecting than a basic $499 Gold Bug detector. In fact I would rather have the Gold Bug.

Same story with the White's V3i. Great on paper but the GMT or even MXT would be better gold prospecting choices.

The Deus V4 update was very specifically aimed at improving its capabilities for gold prospecting. Early reports on this forum by Condor are promising. You will hear more after the elliptical coil is available as most people appear to be holding out for it. To be honest, I have doubts it will equal dedicated models but all it really has to do in my opinion is be "close enough". For many people the appeal of multi purpose is compelling as long as it does not cost too much and as long as they don't feel they are giving up too much of an edge to get that "do it all" versatility. Bottom line - too early, jury is out.

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