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XP Deus " Goldfield " High Frequency Gold Package

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At least one Australian dealer is selling what is being called the XP Deus "GoldField" High Frequency Gold Package. This is a fairly normal Deus setup but with the 9" round high frequency coil. Items included:

  • XP Deus Full Featured Remote control Unit. (Ten Built in Programs including Gold field with one touch ground balancing.)
  • XP Deus 9 Inch (22.5cm) HIGH Frequency coil - The white one. (15, 30 and 55 kHz + 7 Shifts for each, 21 frequencies total)
  • S-Shaped Telescopic shaft.
  • 240V Charger with 3 way cable
  • Arm Band
  • 2 sets of coil connecting hardware
  • User manual
  • Hip Mount case for Remote control
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • FREE FX-02 Wired Backphones

Priced at $1899 Australian (US$1415.00)

I do not know if this is going to be a standard package or is just something the Aussie dealer put together, but it would make sense for XP to offer HF coil package options since they do it for other coils. There may end up being an elliptical coil version and possibly even a version like the Depar DPR 600

Even at $1400 the HF Deus is a lot more money than something like the Minelab Gold Monster but the DPR 600 would be much more price competitive with dedicated nugget detectors should XP choose to market it outside Africa.

September 2018 - New XP ORX announced.


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