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Deus HF Outing 4, Part Deux


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OK, after all the kind words and get well wishes from my incautious adventuring on Outing IV, I went back out in the wilds of Sunny Yuma.  Stitches out, hand still sore, groin injury tolerable.  I left for the local Colorado River area on Wed afternoon to catch a few sundown largemouth bass with plans to hike what passes for mountains down here on Thur morning.  Bass fishing was great, but I just couldn't get comfortable in a kayak with a bum knee and aching hamstring.  I persevered and caught a couple nice bass.  I slept on the boat, not the kayak mind you,  and started hiking at sunup.  I set the Deus HF up a little bit different thinking there would be no trash.  I used the standard "Fast" program but added "negative" Discrimination available in the V4 update, Sens at 85, Freq 54, Reactivity 2.  Right away I hit a couple ferrous trash targets that easily registered between 2 and 4 on the VID.  Both modern type nails but the VID was spot on.  Next I hit an old .22 shell casing with a VID of 74.  I then hit the first nugget, the smallest of the two.  It showed a solid VID of 58 and weighs .28 gram.  Great start for the morning.  I then hit a few more ferrous targets registering in the 2 to 4 VID and I didn't bother to dig.  Next came the bigger nugget just shy of 1 gram.  It was probably 4 to 6 inches deep and showed a solid VID of 55.  When I rounded the next bend in the wash I found a small section of old drywash tailings up on the shoulder of the wash.  Full of 1950's era trash, nails, screws and wire, apparently the source of the trash in the wash.  One thing fooled me though, a deep tobacco tin registering in the high 60's and mid 70's on the VID.  By then 2 hrs on,  it was getting hot, mid 80's temps and I had a long walk back.  I decided to take a short-cut, over the top of the mountains.  Rarely a good idea, especially with an already bum knee and sore hamstring.  Nevertheless I packed the Deus in my pack and broke out the trekking poles for the hike.  I ended up finding a decent Mountain Sheep trail that wound me through the hills and out to within a 1/2 mile of my destination.  When I got home and unpacked my gear I realized that I am a "Maroon"  (Nurse Paul/Nevada Chris saying)  and had left the Deus Control Unit and Earphones laying on a rock ledge while I packed the pack for the trek back.  So tomorrow I'm headed back out there, although I think I'll take the GPZ 7000 and look for some deeper nuggets. 

I think I'm really getting the hang of this Deus.  There is no threshold and over hot ground it clips and chirps.  I'm sure that would affect depth ultimately, but it does what is expected for discriminating the ferrous trash.  I think, although I can't be certain, the "negative" Discrimination makes the targets much more reactive on the VID screen.  The "Horseshoe" screen was useless at these settings, however the VID was quite helpful.  This machine is not bump sensitive and weighs next to nothing, after dragging that Z around, no kidding.  I'm sure the Minelab Monster is going to be a great unit, but I'm sticking with this Deus.  It's ultimately packable and reasonably forgiving on its settings.  A great addition for the kind of detecting I do.  

Until the next time kids, Condor out.





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Hey Brett,

They'll be there, ordinary flatlanders would need a helicopter to get to that spot.  The only roads were washed in the late '50s.  I'm pretty sure I'm the only modern detector ever been in there, but it really is the fringe of placer gold country.  The area produced a lot of lead and silver, gold as a by-product.  I have to keep thinking I'm going to find that isolated ledge of gold, it's not the probabilities, but the possibilities that keeps me going, plus I need the adventure.   

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Good read. I could have been there with you on that adventure from the descriptions. :smile:

Congratulations on the fish and gold. Sleeping on a boat. Does it get any better?

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You heal fast.  

Thanks for the info.


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