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Some Zed Gold. More To The Story....

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Excellent addition to your 'reporting' to us here about your adventures.


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real nice those are some unreal small specks of gold.

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On 6/13/2017 at 6:31 AM, kiwijw said:

Hi guys, You may recall this post I did back at the start of May. http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/3599-some-zed-gold/  Well there was more to the story at the time but I couldnt tell it due to the up coming release of the GM 1000 & an agreement I had with Minelab giving them first use of any material I sent them on the GM 1000 for possible use on the Treasure Talk Blog.

I actually started detecting with the Zed & got a very faint hit. Dug down on it & it was getting deeper & the signal improving all the time. It got to the depth where I could not tell just where the signal was in the hole. So I grabbed the Gold Monster(usually I would use the Gold Bug 2) & put it in Discrimination Mode (Iron Reject where it makes no audio sound on iron) but still shows iron or probability of gold on the Gold Chance Indicator meter & would also give an audio signal on non ferrous.

Here is whats what on the settings on the control panel & the quick start guide.

On the screen of my detector you can see that I am in Iron Reject Mode. The battery is fully charged. I am in 4 on the volume & I was using the built in speaker & not the head phones. I am in full maximum 10 on the manual sensitivity setting. There was no audio signal due to being in Iron Reject Mode but you can see on the Gold Chance Indicator meter that it is lit up towards the nail symbol on the left side of the indicator showing it is iron (ferrous) Not to the right towards the gold bar symbol, (Non Ferrous) in which case if it were it would also give an audio signal. So if you are detecting in an iron trash infested area this would be the mode to use if you wanted to reduce the bashing your ears would get from all the iron signals & only hear the non iron (non ferrous) signals. This mode how ever will not give you as much depth or sensitivity as the Deep All Metal Mode will. Which is my preferred setting to get the maximum performance out of the detector & best chance of getting gold. 

This is why it was signaling iron.

I then moved on further up this gully where I found those 4 bits with the zed & with the help of the Gold Bug 2. I wasnt very thorough with the GB2 & wanted to have a play with the GM 1000 both in the hole & I raked out the dig out pile & went over that with the GM 1000 & 5" coil. I went in to Deep All Metal Mode & remained in full maximum 10 on the manual sensitivity setting. As long as I didnt touch the ground with the coil the detector ran quiet until it got a target hit. If I touched the ground even slightly then I got a falsing signal. Obviously pushing the detector to its hardware limits. Hence raking out the dig out dirt. I couldn't scrub & push the dirt around with the coil like I can with the GB2 (within reason) with out getting false signals. But I am happy to just be very slow & careful with my coil sweep & placement of the coil to maintain that absolute maximum sensitivity giving me the maximum chance of pinging the smallest of gold, if it is there. Knowing that gold had come out of that hole helped. If I was general detecting with the GM 1000 & going a little bit quicker then I would back off the sensitivity to 9 maybe even 8 so the coil could rub the ground a little with out falsing. I do like pushing the limits though to get the best out of the machine but only to a point where the falsing isnt driving me nuts.

I ended up with 12 more bits of gold with the GM 1000. So 16 bits all up out of this one hole. I actually dug more out of the hole so see if the small gold carried on producing.....but it didnt & the GB2 got no extra bits either. Using a plastic scoop to pass the target over the coils is a must other wise you will get false signals from your hand.


Good luck out there

JW :smile:

If you discriminate on Iron you eliminate (discriminate) on some gold too ..... it's better to listen for the Iron sounds...... 

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Thanks guys but this post is almost 2 & a half years old. Lot more water under the bridge since then.

JW 🤠

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    • By phrunt
      I finally got out to test out my new 8" X-Coil, I've been wanting a size like this for a long time.  I thought it was going to be impossible to fit the GPZ Super-D design into such a small coil however X-coils after some time have achieved it and it works exceptionally well.  I was running my GPZ in HY Normal with gain of 20, manual ground balance all day.

      My first pellet recovery 🙂

      These were my weapons of choice for the day, the little 8" hardly looks much bigger than the little 6x3" sniper on the GB2.  It made the GPZ feel reasonably light too, I ran it all day without my harness which is handy as I was in rocky hilly terrain always putting my detector down so it was great having the extra freedom.
      I was comparing targets with my GB2 all day, seeing it's widely regarded as the most sensitive VLF I wanted to see the difference in performance to the GPZ with a small coil.  The first thing I noticed almost immediately on little shotgun pellets which I found a lot of by the way was the GPZ was noticeably deeper than the GB2.  There were pellets that the GB2 didn't pick up at all where the GPZ had a reasonable signal on them.  I also found the Discrimination on the GB2 was near pointless on a lot of targets as it had no signal at all on them only giving a signal in it's all metal mode.  The pellets had to be much closer to the coil than they were in the soils for the Discrimination to work, I was quite disappointed in this as I was hoping it would be a good gold discriminating pin pointer.
      This area has a lot of hot rocks, by a lot I mean they're everywhere and they're often green, you can't do a swing of a VLF without hitting them on every swing, I've been to this area a lot lately, its where I recently found 9 grams.  I've moved on from that exact area I found the gold last time as it dried up but the same general area.  The GB2 was of course having a lot of trouble with them, with the Nox I just notch out -8 and -9 and all is pretty good and the Nox doesn't appear to lose depth when discriminating like the GB2 and Gold Monster do.  The 8" X-Coil was handling the hot rocks well, most of the smaller ones it was blind to, the big ones, some the size of a football or bigger it would get a signal on, so I tried the quick track button and waving it over the top of one, it took about 10 or so sweeps but it was able to give minimal reaction on one afterwards so I had my GPZ in manual balanced over a big green hot rock for the day so instead of using my Yellow ferrite ring I used a hot rock, it made more sense to me seeing they're the areas problem, correct me if I'm wrong.
      My first bit of gold was downstream in the old timer wash channel from my 9 gram spot.  I did my usual pellet scrape, the signal lasted longer than a few scrapes, so I did some bigger scrapes and the target was getting better so I took a short video as I was starting to get pretty confident.
      It turned out to be a nugget in the gravelly layer below the top soil, pretty small nugget too.

      The GB2 did not pick this one up at all until I was closer down to it, that was in maximum settings with audio boost.

      Little longish bit.

      0.177 of a gram, my biggest of the day 🙂
      I walked across to the next wash as that was my plan for the day and was finding my usual pellets and comparing the two detectors, I was finding the GB2 was handy as a pin pointer and it's 71kHz wasn't interfering with my GPZ at all.  I was also tipping my GPZ on it's side and using the edge of the 8" coil as a pinpointer and that was working pretty well for me.   Seeing I was finding so many pellets, way more than usual in this location I was getting plenty of target recovery practice 🙂

      Off to the edge of this bedrock I got another bit.

      Almost a little ball, when it was dirty I thought it was just another pellet.

      After cleaning the dirt out of it it's not as much like a little ball as it looked. It's a ball with a tumor.
      I heard a couple of bikes coming along the nearby track, turned out it was JW and his wife Robyn, they knew I was going to be there today so popped in for a visit, JW also has unfinished business in the area where he's been attacking a rocky wall of the wash for months and still getting gold out of it, he had his 15x10" X-Coil on which was a surprise, he put his 10" on and I thought he'd forgotten how to remote it and it rarely left since, he just loves that little 10".  He was impressed with my little 8"', especially the size knowing It can get into places the 10" can't.   We started detecting again and Robyn found comfy spot to read her book.
      It wasn't long and I could hear JW's usual TAP TAP TAP as he's smashing away at the rock 🙂 I kept checking out the lower areas of the wash and it wasn't too much longer after 5 or so more pellets I found another bit of gold.

      It was down in that bit of a gap in the rock.

      It was starting to cool down a lot now, well the day was never warm, I guess a maximum of about 5 degrees Celsuis but once the sun starts to go behind the mountains it cools down quickly so I went back to a bit that still had some sun 🙂
      At this point I'd seen the bit of gold and knew where it was sitting down in the gravels but I wanted to show the crazy prickle bush I was dealing with, I'd already broken some branches off at this point, look at them thorns! This video also shows the sideways method I was using to pinpoint.  The center of the coil is definitely it's hottest deepest spot but the edges are still good.
      This was my last bit of the day

      And just some scenery shots of the area, gold can be anywhere around here, even in the most unlikely of places.

      In between the bedrock is has been the most productive for me, which is why I like little coils.

      Everywhere you look are old timer rock piles, they're gradually getting buried by plant life.

      Once those giant prickle bushes grow in them, they're no longer detectable.

      Piles everywhere though, it goes for a few miles

      It's starting to get very overgrown in places, every year it's getting worse, gradually disappearing.

      Some of these cliff edges would be great to detect and would hold quite a bit of gold I'd imagine but they're just too steep for me.

      This is the sort of stuff JW is chunking away at all day getting gold out of the cracks, he said he's now bought a little battery powered jack hammer type thing to help with the job as it's hard work with a pick, hammer, cold chisel and screw driver but there is a fair bit of gold trapped in the rock.

      It's all in layers and you can smash them out slowly with your pick.

      And my junk for the day, well the junk I didn't lose from my pocket.  So overall I'm very impressed with the 8".  It seemed to me like it was exceeding the GB2 in performance on small pellets at depth.  I'm still better at pinpointing with a small coil like on the GB2 but with practice I'll get better.
      As I was about to leave I went over to see how JW was going, right as I got there he had a target, I took over my GB2 as I know he often uses his one as pin pointer too, especially when smashing out rock as it can save a lot of time.  He was using the nose of the 15x10" coil as his pin pointer and said it was working really well, he found the tip to be pretty sensitive but still too big to get down into the spot well so we used the Gb2 to get narrow down where to smash out... after a fair time of hitting he had the signal out, and it was a bit of gold smaller than my smallest bit and the 15x10" was sounding on it loudly.  He had another signal in the rock to recover so I left him to it as they can take half an hour or more each to get out.
    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      I'm getting so old.......I was messing around Saturday thinking the tide was at 5 o'clock. I go to check the tides at 1:30 and seen low tides were at 3 pm and I had a long drive...OUCH..Late
      Ended up getting in the water at 2:40 pm..walked out ..first target of the day..Gold Signet. I put myself in the area for the last few times out with the excalibur I have got a few non silver coins from the general area. 
      I ended up working about a 100 foot strip and maybe 20 feet wide..over and over..One thing I have always noticed with the Excalibur, you can get a target from one direction and then spin around 
      And try it from another and it is not there..same goes with the AQ...so I was doing "X" and "O"'s most of the afternoon. And it paid off... I got 9 silvers, several nickels, one a Buff...and 4 gold rings. Something I did notice of late is fresh drops at this spot have increased due to some boundary changes of the community  And they are shallow so any target at this beach I have to dig all. Something some may not believe but I never dug one piece of trash this hunt.....other then a bathing suit clip..and a lead bullet.. 
      Also this trip out was to get a final hour count on the battery system I worked up...Total runtime with the tube battery was 8 hours and 31 minutes...(end voltage was 13.1) Not bad at all, I had calculated 7 hours and 46 minutes..glad it turned out better then expected.....(And special thinks to Carolina for tell me how good these batteries are with his MDT's) Seems they will do the trick so I ordered 4 more..
      Good Luck to everyone out there ..HH and Be Safe..Joe

    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Got a small gold ring today testing out one of the battery packs I made for the "AQ" ...2 hours and 50 minutes then I heard thunder...time to high tail it out of the water. Be back out Saturday.
      Fridays outing ..... 2 silver rings 5 silver coins and a piece of a silver bracelet and one 2.1gram 10k ring....use to be 2.1 grams was 30 dollars..now we are looking at 25 plus dollars for one gram of 10k..where will the gold endup at? 
      I am getting so old..Had the gold ring on video, deleted all the files except the one of showing the battery tube coming out of the water..No clue where they went..Thing I'm going to start wearing a video cam all of the time just to see some of the crazy things that I do..
      Good Luck to everyone that gets out...Be Safe..
      Notice my audio cut of switch..worked like a charm..except I need to stabilize it better..was slipping around..when switch off and on..the audio..
      My ears said thank you..

    • By Rob Allison
      Hello Everyone,
        It's been awhile since I have been out.  We have been placering a large wash down to the paylayer and bedrock.  This time of year, you can only do so much digging, raking and detecting.  Here is a short Youtube video of a partner and I working for half the day placering for gold with the Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detector.  Hope you enjoy.
      Watch, Like and Subscribe our "Nuggethunting" Youtube Channel to follow us on our Arizona Desert Adventures for gold nuggets. 
    • By phoenix
      Just recently I have re aquired a interest in using the 19" coil on the 7000. I was at a spot yesterday which was known for big gold in the early days of detecting. Years ago I met a guy at this spot that told me he got a 60 ouncer there with a SD2000.  Yesterday I was using JP`s deep gold settings and got this piece on the surface.  I moved it on the very first light scrape and the only reason I got it was because the sweet spot of the coil happened to go over it. When I changed over to High Yield I could hear it pretty clearly. Now I want to find the exact opposite to this piece. This one goes 0.03g 🙂

    • By Chet
      This is a long read but a fantastic story! 
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