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If You Love The SDC-2300 - The Future is Also Bright

Rick Kempf

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In the four years since the GPX-5000 was introduced, the eventual question of "what next" has come up. Minelab's parent Codan is a publicly traded company, so it's leadership,has to answer to stockholders. The Annual General Meeting is where management sets out how they are doing and where they are going. This year's meeting was tomorrow (that is to say morning of 29 October, which is today there but tomorrow here - funny thing the earth).

For gold hunters, the big news was one slide.

I don't know if this really means anything, but the outline doesn't look anything like the GPX series!

It will be an exciting year!


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Hi Folks


Well the mind boggles.   The outline appears identical to that of the SDC2300.  So maybe its gunna be a GPX5000/SDC2300 marriage.

Two PCB boards.  Flick a switch to move from one board to the other.  If that was the case, its gunna come at a pretty high price.

But at the end of the day, who knows what " Minelab are up too.  Be assured whatever its gunna be, its gunna be pretty inovative, Minelab have a history for inovationing things.


Cheers Trev

Alan maybe they are already onto the multi functional hot plate coil. Lol.

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Same timeline was announced at the dealer meeting last October in Las Vegas and again last April.


The Australian forums are certainly all abuzz! FCC documents filed are referring to it as the GPZ 7000 or Jupiter. Lots of people seem to be lining up to buy one not knowing a thing about it. That bodes well for Minelab. I know I have immediately upgraded with each new version of the GP series and not regretted it. Looks like another new detector in my future.



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In my humble and biased opinion, the packaging of the SDC 2300 is a real winner and I hope they use it on the Jupiter or GPZ 7000.  The extreme portability is what sold me on it and I find that I take it more places solely because it's so simple to fold it up and put it in a backpack and equally easy to unfold at the prospecting site. The housing system is a huge advantage.  It has some minor glitches such as the armrest folding up when you don't want it to but that's pretty inconsequential.


What I would really like to see is a VLF detector in that same housing system.  With a headphone adapter to fit standard headphone plugs. 


- Bob

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My guess is the Super Gold Machine 2015 will be similar to the CTX 3030, screen on the hand grip, GPS, wireless headphone, a mid size mono( maybe a 14") and all the extra PI goodies inside for detecting larger nuggets. 


Wow going by the latest info posted on this forum under the GPZ 7000 thread it appears I was not far off the mark with my guess above which I posted one month ago. 

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      THIS !! All the people boo hooing will be in line to get one at that price point. It will also force the hand of ML with their price structure. ML raised their price on the 800 and NM absolutely crushed that price point. The Legend doesn't have to be better, just equal to turn the fortunes in their favor. ML and their arrogant "obsolete" charge is foolish. Obsolete by definition means no longer produced or used. Many detectorist and their single frequency machines are still out there making great finds and having fun. Furthermore, single frequency detectors are still being made and sold. NM build quality is far and away superior to the Nox detectors. 
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