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A Few More For The Gm 1000

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Hi guys, Headed to a spot not far from home for a late afternoon detect with the Gold Monster. No two & a half hour drive one way today.  Exposed schist bed rock.....seems a common theme with me this exposed schist bed rock......That is because the basement rock of Central Otago here in the South Island of New Zealand is schist & the gold just loves to work its way down in to the folds of the schist when the schist is tilted up on edge....like the pages in a book up on its edge. The perfect gold trap.


Got a faint signal in this chapter of the book & peeled out a few pages to open it up & get at the signal stuck down in the folds


A sassy bit of the good stuff.


Not one...but two bits.


Near the top edge of a tailings race I got another faint as signal. Scraped away a bit & it improved heaps & was still in the schist.


A few more scrapes & it was out. Not a bad piece. No wonder it "lived" on down a bit in the dig.


Not far along the same edge & right on the edge was another sweet little signal. I had to scrape it back from the edge so the target wouldn't drop down in to the tailings race.


I was surprised at the depth this little piece actually was. It was more than a few scrapes in to the schist


Half way down the drop off in to the tailings race I got a signal in a ledge.


Again the target was further in to the schist than usual


But out it came.


The sun was going down & I had a bit of a walk back to my wagon but I managed one more piece just before dark.

So I ended up with 6 bits for .4 of a gram. Wont be giving up my day job :rolleyes:


Cheers. Good luck out there.

JW :smile:

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gee it finds them tiny!!  But they all add up. 

But gee they are tiny :ohmy:

should have my GM 1000 soon.. 

have some spots to try it out on.


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great work finding those well hidden pieces

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Hi Sis (Jen 58) Nice to hear from you. Thanks for dropping in. Yer that 45 khz & the little 5" coil pings those tiny ones.

Here are 7 I got last sunday for a total weight of .17 of a gram. The biggest piece in the above post was .2 of a gram:rolleyes:


Being able to run in 10 on the manual sensitivity & Deep All Metal Mode helps heaps & is as hot as you can run it. I am just so lucky that our ground is so mild that I can run that hot & get away with it. I think on your ground you wont have a hope of doing that. Auto + I am picking could work for you & if you are in that trashy area with all those tins that I saw in your pic then iron reject will be your mode setting. Not as deep & sensitive as Deep All Metal Mode but the beauty of the iron reject is that it makes no audio sound on iron so wont be blasting your ears every second but it still shows on the Gold Chance lndicator. Good luck with it. Cant wait to see how it goes for you.

Nice to see you & Mike "back home" on the 4umer site. Good for you guys. I had a peek at that "other" site after reading your email. Just ignore them & dont even bother going on it. They arent worth it. There is absolutly NOTHING to see on there any way. They never seem to talk about gold or detecting....just slagging people.

Take care sis & good luck on your leases. Please dont be a stranger on here. Hi to Mike.

Best of luck out there

JW :smile:

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Still that is some nice gold.  Keep us posted on your diggings.


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Now since you mentioned "exposed bedrock" makes me think!  There are areas that look just like the pictures shown.  Not sure if there is much gold in my area.  The GPAA book states gold has been found through this region.


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