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Gold Monster And Gold Bug 2 Detecting

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Hi Idaho Peg, Idaho Al here.  I also picked up my GM 1000 from Gerry last Friday but have not used it yet.  I loved my GB 2 but I wanted something I could hand to one of my grandchildren with out to much of a learning curve so I traded my GB 2 in on the Monster............:biggrin:  Sweet sorrow:sad:.  Love your Post.  Happy Hunting.........

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On 11/30/2021 at 2:05 PM, tvanwho said:

Just wondering why the newer GB2 machines seem to have a meter on them now or is it my imagination? The knobs look different too?



Fischer Gold bug2 ii now shows the switch settings and ground balance numbers on a screen. Ground balance is a single knob. In an earlier post I asked what use was knowing the ground balance number, and I did not get a reply. If it says 20 or 80, you still need to manually ground balance by sound, not a number. If it said 800, It would not matter.  Some say if you leave an area and return you can use your previous number, But when returning people will ground balance with their ears, not eyes. 


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