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Silencer Setting On Deus?


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has anyone played around with silencer much? Whenever I switch reactivity you know that  the silencer changes with it and I usually then adjust silencer to 0 but I SHOULD try silencer where the reactivity says to... but I don't. Has anyone played around with it much to see what effects it has?

thanks for all the great posts.


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All I know is one of the videos, testing the various Deus functions, showed a significant depth loss by adding too much silencer.  I have only used mine for gold prospecting, but I always adjust to 0 just in case.  My own testing has been relatively sparse using the 9" HF coil on gold nuggets. 

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Silencer filter kills depth. It also causes loss of subtle tone variations when in full tones mode.  I always keep it off unless I forget while making changes on the fly.

And yes, it is super annoying XP couldn't divorce the reactivity settings from the silencer filters.

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Guest Tnsharpshooter

Silencer settng

The more milder the ground the more forgiving the setting for depth. (Can be set higher).

A lot of folks in the ne  part of USA run a level 0 setting, this ground milder.

In my area, better setting is -1.

Why in the world why Xp with version 4 update, didn't delink reactvity settings changes to auto silencer change is beyond me.

Also should note, working heavier iron, running a lower silencer like 0 or -1 will generally make Deus a little more sparky, while at the same time let some heavily targets sneak through.

I leave my silencer at -1 all the time.

If a Deus user will find a deeper target in medium mineralized ground using a -1 silencer setting, then start raising silencer, what you'll likely notice is the target's tone will eventually become more cramped at reporting (less forgiving) and if you go high enough with the setting, it will disappear altogether.




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Did a lot of side by side comparisons on deep +7" targets and found in fairly clean ground a setting of 0 on the Deus would still provide enough depth.  When increased to 1 or 2, then the deep targets failed to respond.


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The Deus Silencer setting is like most filters. Nearly all work by trying to eliminate weak signals in favor of stronger signals. This being the case, applying a filter always results in some loss of depth and sensitivity. The trick is that that problem you are trying to fix (false signal) has to be worse than the problem you cause (decreased sensitivity).

The Silencer is supposed to reduce faint spurious signals created in dense ferrous trash. Let's say on a scale of 1 - 10 most good targets beep at 6 and above, but you are getting lots of distracting faint 1 and 2 signals. Increasing the Silencer can greatly reduce these faint false signals allowing you to concentrate on the better signals.

Now on a later hunt this spot is "cleaned out" and you want to find what you missed. It may be that one of the faint 1 - 2 signals is a faint good target. By reducing the Silencer setting or turning it off, you now get these faint hits. Thirty are false signals but one is that nice silver coin you were looking for. Of course they could just as easily all turn out to be trash.

Basically, I leave filters turned off unless forced to use them. I know when this is because I am ready to give up because of too many false signals or "noise". Apply just enough filter to do the trick, and no more.

As always it is an individual thing as we all have different tolerance levels both for noisy detectors and for the amount of trash we are willing to dig to get a good item. People who do run detectors noisy basically don't trust the machine to do the filtering and prefer to use their ears instead. This can be fatiguing and a judicious application of a filter can result at the least in a more pleasant detecting experience.


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