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XP Deus V 4.0 Review By Andy Sabisch

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Yesterday I got my August issue of Lost treasure and here on page 44 was field test with a review by Andy on the V4.0 Deus. I'm sure Andy could have used more room to cover the Deus on what it has to offer. Time and space has control of what we do in life.

I think Andy done a great job but I'll let you make your review of his review on the Deus.



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Right now the review is only available to subscribers but copies will no doubt show up on the XP website soon.

Here is a link to Andy's earlier commentary of the HF coils http://www.xpmetaldetectorsamericas.com/blog/category/field-tests/

Sure could have used that elliptical coil the last month to compare to the Gold Monster.

Area of 22.5cm round coil = 397 sq cm

Area of 24cm x 13cm elliptical coil = 245 sq cm (about 62% of the area covered by the coil above)

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Sorry this is kind of off topic...but it's pertaining to the magazine cover design. My review of it. It's bad.

Looks like somebody went Photoshop amateur with that cover. Jeesh! 

So much wrong here...poor and inconsistent use of strokes and drop shadows, a wannabe-cute attempt at a water drop effect overlaying the entire page... lol!

Look at the left column... cool (as in temperature color) background with neutral grey text stroked with black outline combined with a poorly rendered water drop effect, it's causing parts of the text to be difficult to read. Then to throw down drop shadows... look around you blind man, shadows are very rarely neutral black in real life. Try selecting a black with a cool blue hue, duh... or drop the transparency to <10% to lose the cheap tabloid look. Ditch the difficult to read grey text on blue background for either a complementary or analogous color to the background color. 

Look at the text in the right column... primary red with a primary yellow stroke/drop shadow/offset mash-up abortion of design on the first line... whatsupwiththat! Second line just stroked with yellow. Third line, "Shipwreck", back to more wtf is that?

Is that a lens flair filter applied to the tag line below the title... too funny! :laugh:

I hope somebody didn't pay for this work.

Thanks for posting this...heh. :smile:

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