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    • By Rob Allison
      Hello All,
         Out here in Arizona, USA, it's been very hot and now humid as the Monsoons are right around the corner.  That being said, I have been poking around an old placer location loaded with iron rubbish in search for overlooked gold nuggets.  I have made it a point to start very early, right at day break and hunt until the heat runs me out (typically 4-5 hours).  I was using the Minelab GPZ 7000 and placering a wash bottom down to bedrock like the old-timers would.  I'm lucky every so often to get a nugget here and there wedged in the bedrock cracks/crevices that the old-timers missed or overlooked.  It's always a mystery to wonder what the old-timers really discovered in some of these really rich coarse gold placer areas.  

      I'm not sure of the rules about Youtube videos, but I have attached two of them for your viewing.  Hope some of you that are not able to get out right now can enjoy the adventure with me.
    • By geof_junk
      More speculation.
    • By Jonathan Porter
      I go about Ferrite balancing a bit differently to what is shown or advised, this is my own preference and is to do with Saturation noise and Salt signals, especially with the X coils because they can Saturate quite badly. 
      Instead of the Octopus wobble I briskly (not too brisk) wave the coil over the ferrite from left to right under the blue sticker at the front of the GPZ 14 coil, this is with the Quick Trak button depressed of course. DO NOT scrub the coil on the Ferrite this is because there is always a bit of residual signal especially in Saturable ground, once the ferrite noise dissipates I release QT and pump the coil to one side (make sure you are in Semi-Auto GB mode), this then gives the GB accuracy as a DOD coil will always sound quiet from side to side even if the GB is out, once there is no noise up and down then come over the Ferrite again to check if there is signal and repeate the process using QT if there is. Pump the coil to one side again and check the Ferrite again. This whole process should take 20 seconds, eventually you will get no ground signal up and down (Ground Noise) and minimal signal over the Ferrite. 
      If the ground has BAD Saturation signal the Saturation signal will be magnified up through the centre of the Ferrite thereby preventing you from getting the coil close enough to actually balance the Ferrite out fully, in other words the detector will be trying to balance out the Saturation signal and not the X signal off the Ferrite.

      I also recommend users adopt the GB configured to their USER button approach and to go into Manual mode when checking deep targets or committing to dig, leaving the GPZ in Semi-Auto will allow the GB to drift either through exposure to the pick whilst digging or just general drift through the coil not moving, either way the GB will be out which is not obvious unless you pump the coil. 

    • By phoenix
      A couple of months ago I put out a call for the parts list for the WM12 because my original WM12 was taking forever to charge.          At the same time I bought the replacement battery, I also bought some heavier charging cables because I have about half a dozen devices that all use the same cable. I bought cables that were listed as suitable for external hard drives and they were about 6 bucks each. Because I kept changing cables on different devices I don`t even know now what cables came with the WM12.         Anyway, with the heavier charging cables my original WM12 now charges QUICKER than the newer WM12, so I don`t need to fit the battery.        Maybe, if your WM12 is getting sluggish charging, it may not be the battery, it may be the cable breaking down.   Just a thought.    Dave

    • By Skookum
      Alright, I know nobody really knows the answer to when there will be a GPZ successor.  Because of that, I'm just pinging for some opinions.  We are currently a VLF only family that's interested in a detector that reduces some of the hot rock music we listen to here in Arizona.  If you were in the market and didn't have a PI detector would you:  A) get a used GPZ for $4500-5000 or B) wait and see what comes out over the next one to several years (depending on what rumors you believe)?  And, a here's bonus follow up question.  Does anybody have a guess what happens to used GPZ prices after the next model appears?
    • By afreakofnature
      I would like to start a thread of peoples opinions on what they found between these two machines with various coils.  I love my SDC and have found my biggest and smallest gold with it (8”).  My GPZ has definitely gone deeper for gold (14”).  I am about even on the total count for each, weight a being different story.
      I understand that if you only have one detector then you want coil options, but if you got both I wonder what would be a better bang for your buck?  A 10” Xcoil at $1000 or a 11”Coiltek at $310.  Thats if they compare at depth and sensitivity.
      Norvic I would love for you to state your opinions here, you seem to have the most on thses just based on other posts.
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