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Minelab GPZ 7000 Firmware Installation Procedure

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GPZ 7000 Firmware Installation Procedure (PC or Mac)

1. Download the desired firmware version from the GPZ 7000 Downloads Page. You can update your GPZ to the latest version or roll back to any prior version using this method. IMPORTANT: Ensure your battery is fully charged before updating. Do not turn the detector off at any point during the update process, or the update will not be applied.

2. Connect GPZ 7000 to the computer via the USB cable. A drive called ‘Minelab’ will appear.


3. Transfer the software update file. Open the ‘Minelab’ drive, then copy the software update file into it. The update files end with the extension ".ml3" - anything else is the wrong file. Wait for the file to completely transfer.

4. Disconnect the GPZ 7000 from the computer by ejecting the drive and then unplugging the USB cable. The ‘USB Disconnected’ dialog will be displayed on the GPZ 7000 screen. This can take up to 2 minutes to complete.


5. Upgrade the GPZ 7000 firmware. At this point if the update file was properly transferred to the GPZ, the following dialog is displayed:


6. Select Upgrade to begin the firmware update. A progress bar will be displayed. If you select Cancel, the software update file you downloaded will be automatically deleted. You will need to download the update again (from step 1) to complete the process. If the Low Battery dialog is displayed, charge your battery and start the update process again.


7. Upgrade complete. When the upgrade is complete, GPZ 7000 will automatically turn off. When you power on again, the detector will start with the new firmware.

8. Upgrade failure. If you experience any trouble applying the update, try following the update steps again from start to finish. If this does not work, contact your dealer or a Minelab Service Center.

9. You can also check your detector’s software information at any time via the Version Information function on the Reset page.

 GPZ 7000 Firmware June 2017 (Second Update GPZ 7000 Firmware June 2017 (20170630).ml3 - Version Information will display 1.10.8-2052) (11.26 MB)

 GPZ 7000 Firmware October 2015 (First Update GPZ_7000_UPDATE_IMAGE_20151009.ml3 - Version Information will display 1.2.8-98) (9.69 MB) 

 GPZ 7000 Firmware January 2015 (Original Release GPZ_7000_UPDATE_IMAGE_20150130.ml3 - Version Information will display 1.0.8-57) (10.63 MB)

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Im having nothing but issues trying to download the update to my detector. I got the download on my laptop. But when I plug the detector in, the computer says I have to find a program to open the .mlx file. Just wasted too much time on it. Pissed. Usually have no issues at all with updates. 

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I got it figured out this morning. Kind of a convoluted process that I have never done before. But the update is on the GPZ now. And that is all that matters. Also got the Gold Monster delivered yesterday. Now if my in laws would just go home, I could go detecting :biggrin:. Thanks Steve for your info. Happy Independence Day to everyone. ????????????????????

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Don't let your wife read this forum ... or edit your thread!  haha

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Steve, Thanks for the info... the update was very easy. 


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