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What You Need To Know About The Scuba Tector

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The Scuba Tector is made by Deteknix and is a great water detector if you are just looking for rings ( maybe ) and coins. 

I was wondering around the net and was looking at MD-Hunter.com and here was a picture of my Scuba. I click on the picture of it and it went to three videos. I pick one of the videos I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It couldn't detect gold chain. So here I go digging out gold chain i'd found in the past. It didn't make any difference being one two are all three in a ball the detector didn't see them. I pulled out some nuggets and the results was the same as in nothing coming out of the Scuba.

Now it detects rings great and my thinking on this is because of other metals in the rings. Even at 14 K gold that's only about 65 % gold. So you can forget about finding any gold chain with the scuba Tector . If i can't detect it in a ball with two others your not going to find one laying out straight.

Looks Good.


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Here is the video....

I can't say I am surprised. This is a PI pinpointer set to ignore salt water, so gold sensitivity would be impacted. Still, it looks worse than one would expect. It hits rings better simply because a ring in a loop of metal. Any ring like item (steel washer) with produce a better signal with a metal detector because they create a good circular path for eddy currents by essentially mimicking the loop of metal in your metal detector searchcoil.

Chains on the other hand are notoriously hard to detect because of the loose connection between links. A detector is more prone to seeing each link as a separate item than a continuous mass, making detection difficult.

Why Won't My Detector Find A Bottle Full Of Small Nuggets? Or A Gold Chain?

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