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    • By kiwijw
      Catch it while you can. 
      Good luck out there
    • By JohnsonWagner
      A Delaware based production company is seeking detectorists who live in, or near, the state to be featured in a documentary.  We plan to cover Coin Beach in Sussex County and various parks and farms throughout the tri state area. Please email johnsonwagner@mail.com or respond to this post if interested or if you know anyone who might be interested.  Thank you.
    • By Alluminati
      These shows don't usually make any progress, however I was watching "Treasure Quest Snake Island Season 3". I won't spoil it for you, they make a pretty good find. I'm not sure if there are anymore episodes in this season, I hope they don't do a cliffhanger until next season. Nice to see that Jeremy Whalen and friends make a good find like that for the show. (I'm not as familiar with the rest of the cast, Jeremy is the recurring character that has been swinging the Minelab in previous seasons.)
    • By mn90403
      I am a History Channel buff.  Tonight they were showing Pale Rider from the 80s and there were some 'authentic' scenes of monitors and wooden sluicing.  It caused me to do a search and I came up with a page of 82 movies that have to do with Mining in Film.
      What is your favorite mining movie?
    • By 1515Art
      I have been curiously watching the new Netflix "Lost in Space", I remember as a kid watching the original when it was released. In episode 4 on the aleian planet, the Robinson kids and robot are in the forrest and there is a scene that you can see in the background what appears to be a large rock hand stacked tailing pile. Another scene just shortly after in the forrest shows signs of what looks to me like an area that was ground sluiced. I was on the fence as to volunteering for a mission like this, but if there is gold prospecting afoot I'm might have to think about it😊. All I'd need is my 7000 and the robot to dig my holes...he's probably made by mineLab too, first projected look at the new mineLab 7 trillion, (that would also be the price).