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Guest Jennifer

Aussie Gold Hunters, Season 2

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Stu this is not an Australian Only issue, When there is Gold involved it is a world wide issue, Me I don't care about the stuff to the point of where I dedicate my life to it but it always makes me do the Happy Dance when I find it just the same, Another thing to note Is that I am about 500 miles from where you live,

What you need to realize is Australia is a massive place where farms are measured in the 1000's of Square kilometres not Acres where you can drive for 6 days and never see a Town let alone another person, And when people go missing or have an accident or even Die out there The first people to get a knock from the Police is people like Madtuna, This can happen many times a year that he has to stop work and take police and emergency people to the last known locations of these idiots who go out there,, It's not a place for tourists or green horns to just buy a detector and get in to it, The temperatures might be up in the 40's + but out in the open where there is no Shade I have seen a thermometer go past 67*c out in the sun and that was in Ambient temps around 32/33*c Out in the Bush it gets a lot hotter than most people realize. Having worked out there a person can drink up to 20 litres of water and more per day.

As a Native of Australia there is no way would I go out there without the help from people like MT and I would never abuse his trust, But seriously by allowing people on the property he is taking a biggest risk,

I like the show from one perspective but you can't get an idea on what it is like out that way because of the stupid editing, because the whole program is made up of 20 second snippets with no real prospecting being shown and they keep on repeating scenes 4 and 5 times per show just to build the drama and fill up the 60 minute time slot Like all Discovery programs they are made up of 1 part bull 9 parts ****, The most interesting prospectors are Greg an Chris from a real world prospective because apart from owning a couple of Diggers Greg and Chris do it all the hard way just like everyone else here. 

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I'd rather watch paint dry.

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point taken Madtuna, hopefully if this thread has any use it's that some of they green horns read it and realise the challenge ahead and change there minds and hopefully save their lives and your time.

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Scottish stu;

On my second tour prospecting in Oz, I was with Doug Stone. we drove from Leanora to AYRES ROCK on corrugated roads for three days and never seen more than one vehicle and a road grader....we did see the occasional wrecked car that was flipped...IF you have a problem in the Out Back it is all yours, unless you get really lucky.

That is one reason I suggest a Tour with a licensed operator if you are thinking WEstern Oz or the NT.

Miles from no where we broke an axle, Doug was the only one allowed into an Aboriginal Village to get help....

good luck



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