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    • By mn90403
      Every year some of us have an 'opportunity' to go to Australia and prospect for a few weeks.  Some of us pull the trigger and some of us don't. (I'm not talking 'Paul' type of trip where you outfit yourself for months.)
      Now is the time to book that type of trip.  I'm sure many Australians book trips also.
      Which tour has the 'best' three week or so, all in or tag along trip and to what part of Australia?  We'd be bringing our own detector, a 7000 and just want to get put on or near a gold patch or two.
      If you have been there and done that recently it would sure help to know your story.  Maybe this is the year to pull the trigger.
    • By Rivers rat
      Hello to all !
      I may be able to sneak in my wife luggage in February when she will be training for her new Job in Australia .I believe she will be based in Perth.Is there any Gold rich field around there?????
      I dont want to stay indoor and i got the green light to go detecting.
      Any infos will be welcome.
    • By geof_junk
    • By idahogold
      Cheers All. Been away all summer..... but going thru All the excellent Posts from the Forum I missed, That will take a few more days!You guys and gals are Amazing! Great Finds....here's a new one from My Mate Jay ! Enjoy!🙂 Ig
    • By Mahoy
    • By auminesweeper
      I found this posted elsewhere I don't know if folks have seen it yet ? if so just remove it.