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    • By geof_junk
      The Poseidon Nugget’ was unearthed in the Parish of Waanyarra. The huge nugget weighed 953 oz gross and 703 oz net. Woodall and party found the nugget 10
      inches underground, 2 inches above bedrock with much quartz. This find began the last of the big rushes to the area.[1906] On private land. This [Poseidon] was the last great alluvial rush in Victoria.
      3000 were camped here in 1906 with store established catering for all the miners’ needs. One storekeeper was charged and fined for selling sly grog. The reef above and opposite the gully had been rushed in 1859, but this side neglected. It was nearly fifty years before John Porter testing the ground with a hand auger, found wash and sank a shaft onto nuggets.
      From its size, more large nuggets have come from this lead than any other in the world. 703 oz, 675 oz, thirteen others over 100 oz, nineteen from 50-99 oz, fifty two from 20-49 oz and two hundred and eight from 1-19 oz. ... the Premier awarded [James Porter] £500 for the discovery. He was the last man to receive a reward for the discovery of a new goldfield in Victoria.
    • By mn90403
      A couple of days ago I pulled the trigger on a solo trip to Australia, Melbourne and Victoria to be exact.  I have the Visa.  I have a Miner's Right.  I'll be there from Thursday morning 8:30AM the 9th of May thru Thursday morning the 30th of May which will make for 20 days of detecting.  It says the highs will be in the high 60s and lows in the 50s.  The sun will rise about 7:30 and set about 5.  There seems to be a fair amount of rain for the month.
      I've been reading Fred's books.  He has one of Doug Stone's which is the Gold Atlas of Victoria.  There are also many online resources and several of you here have some great suggestions for me.  My itinerary is open for some nugget prospecting days and a couple of beach days.
      My tentative plan would be to get off the plane, rent a vehicle and head to Bendigo area for a motel and then be ready for a hunt the next day.  I might even be up for a hunt the day I arrive ... possibly at a beach.
      I'm sure I'll be meeting up with some of the forum members when I'm there so let's just see what happens.
    • By vanursepaul
      New story thread....
      Leaving for OZ around May 4th this year--
      Can't reveal the details because it is super secret this year....
      But hope to be upload some better video this year---
      I have been searching for the simplest way to use a camera while in the field...
      I haven't found any yet that are that simple, most ways i have tried become so time consuming that they interfere with my fun and relaxation!!!
      ANd my TAsk mAster dont like it when i am ... "fkn around!" If he sees too many videos or pictures he will scold me...
      Maybe a selfie, "follow me" cheapie drone----- I could hang a piece of bait meat on it for the flies while it is hovering near me,,,LOLOL
      This is Jan 20th and I will be traveling to LA  on Feb 3rd ..for my last 3 months of "work"
      Carry on !
    • By idahogold
      Victoria" Nice Dig! 🙃Ig
    • By idahogold
      These "Blokes are Great! 😚 It's "Raw" but real" w lots of finds, ck their other vids for more. Enjoy! Ig
    • By mn90403
      Every year some of us have an 'opportunity' to go to Australia and prospect for a few weeks.  Some of us pull the trigger and some of us don't. (I'm not talking 'Paul' type of trip where you outfit yourself for months.)
      Now is the time to book that type of trip.  I'm sure many Australians book trips also.
      Which tour has the 'best' three week or so, all in or tag along trip and to what part of Australia?  We'd be bringing our own detector, a 7000 and just want to get put on or near a gold patch or two.
      If you have been there and done that recently it would sure help to know your story.  Maybe this is the year to pull the trigger.
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