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2 hours ago, Norvic said:

I just feel the Z is more stable if the auto GB or now semi-auto GB is allowed to collect its data without quick tracking

Mmmmmm, that's what I'm starting to wonder.   And if in a new location and I do quick track maybe the walk-and-sweep method might be more betterer...:unsure:

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For me definitely walk-and-sweep is more betterera.............:wink: Crikey Northeast have you done some time up here in the wacky north.

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I have been advised that if someone breaks the ferrite ring, just put the pieces in a plastic bag and continue to use it – this will still work as it is the amount of ferrite material that is important, not the actual shape that is important.

This will be better than using another ferrite that is the incorrect material. Just because ferrite rings look the same, it doesn’t mean they will be suitable – they could actually degrade performance if the wrong material type is used.

From the Minelab Knowledge Base Article at http://www.minelab.com/__files/f/313856/4907-0942-1 Brochure, GPZ 7000 Software Upgrade No.2 EN.pdf

"A ‘dust iron’ toroid suitable for the HF frequency band (e.g.1–30MHz with an initial permeability of between 6 and 10) has been carefully selected. It is recommended to use this specific Minelab accessory, only. Alternate ferrites may significantly degrade ground balance quality."

As far as the ferrite and personal use, I do it myself at the start of new sessions because it is the best recommended operating practice. I can't swear I see differences between whether I use it or not, but I also do not usually see a need to fasten my seat belt every time I drive. Why bother today? Because maybe today is the day it will help!

As far as my ground goes and referring back to http://www.minelab.com/__files/f/313856/4907-0942-1 Brochure, GPZ 7000 Software Upgrade No.2 EN.pdf -

"Auto is the recommended setting and should give the best results for the majority of conditions"

GPZ 7000 Tips for Better Ground Balance

Gold Detecting in Difficult Ground Conditions


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Thanks, Steve;

I did just put the broked pieces in a plactic box...seemed to work...now I will have two...a whole and a lot of pieces.


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2.5 years in the NT Norvic and about 8 months in Broome/Derby in the west. 

Reasonable schooling and a couple of family members are the only things keeping us in Vic. 

We nomad'd with the kids for a year. We all loved it but no stable friends was an issue for the kids.  My wife and I would live on the road if we had the chance.  

I haven't had a chance to catch up on reading any of the stuff you've put up SH but it looks like it'll keep me entertained for a bit. Thanks :wink:

(edit: read it now. That ground balancing in difficult conditions was good. I don't think I'd seen that one before.  Thanks again). 

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Guest Jennifer
4 hours ago, Northeast said:

We all loved it but no stable friends was an issue for the kids. 

Don't knock it, some of my funnest friends have been the most unstable (hahahaha)...

NAAAAARFFF!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

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    • By Norvic
      Ok I am just passing this link on, as I found it of interest I feel others on DP perhaps may be interested. This is the first I`ve heard of such thus have no idea if it is for real but I hope it is so, we want lighter, smaller, even bigger coils for our Zs. and as we`ve experienced, with the aftermarket coils for SD-GPX series, increased finds, why not for the Z?
    • By Jin
      Lately, I've been experiencing the coil overload problem. Its hard to say whats causing it but it happens often. Probably not the best thing to do but I tend to slightly lean on the detector as I'm digging a target with the coil firmly against the ground. I've done this for a while with no problems before. It only shows the overload signal or shuts down when the coil is pressed against the ground. I've noticed it happens when using different coils as well. The only thing that has changed recently is the settings I use. I often have the rx gain flat out at 15 (gpx 4500) and other setting quite high also. Is it possible that the more extreme settings (when the coil is in contact with the ground) are the cause or is likely a problem with the machine? 
    • By Norm S
      I sent my F-Pulse back for a full refund. It had to be defective and I just didn't like it. Not knocking something that didn't work because I have read many positive reviews and if Steve H says it's good I am sure it is. I am just not going to risk waiting for another one.  Profind 35 here we come
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      This might have already been posted I figured it would be faster to ask.  I have a potential client who is thinking of upgrading from a 5000 to a 7000.  The concern is his knees and he thinks he'll have both knees replaced next Spring.  I know a 5000 can be used with long shaft (I have customers with titanium knees), but the 7000 is a different beast.  Anyone know for a fact if it is possible or should he stick with the 5000?   It would be nice to hear from those who know from experience and have tried it. 
    • By Dan(NM)
      After getting my RMA# and printing out the return label, I noticed the package is being shipped back to Naperville Il. instead of the repair center in Pa. The on/off button is difficult to operate, you have to manipulate it just right to get it to engage. I take it that it's going to be replaced rather than having the repair center take a look at it. Not complaining, just making an observation.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      It has certainly been a busy year for me so far, with not as much detecting time as I would like. Still, I have been getting out a little and thought it was time to share a few photos.
      My first couple bits were found with the Minelab Gold Monster 1000 on some scouting runs. I am liking this detector as a grab and go unit for checking areas out quickly. I am not trying to hunt for max performance but instead looking to cover a lot of ground quickly to check things out. I have learned the GM1000 auto sensitivity actually suits me well for this. I just fire up the detector in all metal mode, full volume, and start with auto sensitivity set at Auto+1. Then I just start swinging. If noise intrudes (usually in salt areas) I will back down to Auto+0 (there are just two Auto settings available Auto and Auto+1).

      Once the GM1000 gets out and about people will no doubt note the Auto settings are not the hottest. Which is why I like them. The GM1000 is a super hot machine already, so I am looking more for stability than anything else, and know it will pop hard on any small nuggets I get over. If I were pounding a patch hard I would use manual sensitivity and push it high, but that would introduce noise and require very careful hunting. For me however the GM1000 serves best as a light weight quick and dirty way to check new areas - just grab and go.
      I posted previously about finding a nugget using Auto sensitivity which is where I learned how useful the setting is. Here are two more small nuggets located using Auto+1. Both nuggets banged hard, one at maybe an inch and the other at about three inches. I am not trying to promote or to push the use of this setting, I am simply reporting what I am doing and you can decide for yourself if it is useful for you.

      0.1 gram and 0.4 gram nuggets found with Minelab Gold Monster 1000 running in Auto+1 sensitivity
      I did finally get a GPZ 19 coil for my GPZ 7000 and it was time to give it a go. I tried one area I had hunted before in case a larger deeper nugget was lurking. My first lesson with the GPZ 19 was not how large and deep a nugget it can find but how small and shallow! The only thing I had missed and left to find was this less than 0.1 gram nugget. It was practically on the surface and so gave a small warble when it got close to the coil winding. I was surprised and impressed the coil can find gold this small.

      The next location is one I scouted with the GM1000 and found the 0.4 gram nugget. The spot got my interest so I went back with the GPZ 7000 and 14" coil to hunt it. Turns out it was a nice little patch with some chunky gold! The ground was deep so I mounted up the GPZ19 and hunted it again. I did come up with one nugget I missed before, whether from sloppy detecting or just a little too deep I do not know. It was a little 1.2 grammer at around a foot down. I continued hunting outside my area and came up with another at 1.3 grams.

      GPZ19 Nuggets
      I had removed the Minelab skid plate that came with the coil and replaced it with the closed Nugget Finder cover. I like this cover for uneven ground as it does not get hung up of rocks and sticks as much, but it does rapidly collect a pile of debris!

      The coil did false if banged on a rock and would require care in rocky ground, though I was running it as hot as ever so that contributes to it. I usually hunt grassy and sagebrush country and it does well here just gliding on the grass, though if the grass is deep it will ride up on it above the ground. Still, the larger size gave me this feeling that I had a little extra insurance in that regard and so I used it to hunt over low brush where it might reveal nuggets hidden when others went around the brush. False signals from banging a rock aside I do think the coil actually runs a bit smoother with my Insanely Hot settings. The GPZ19 is slightly too heavy for me for general use in hilly terrain and too large for a lot of the sagebrush areas. It is just the ticket however for covering large open terrain and that is where it will see the most use with me in the future, or for pounding old deep patches. The extra pound was not quite as bad as I was expecting and in flatter ground just my regular bungee setup sufficed. I did try out the Hipstick though and think it a better option for long hours with this coil.

      Well, lots of info there I hope people can get some use out of. It's always nice to be out prospecting whether or not I find any gold - but gold does help! 24 grams or about 3/4 ounce with largest nugget 4.5 grams or just shy of three pennyweight.

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