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Broke My Ferrite Ring

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So, just one more issue during my Outing...

I have been in the habit of tossing my ferrite on the ground...foolish me. They break into many pieces...so no more tossing...

I wonder if the ring can be super glued back to one piece and function correctly? Or is it more like a metal ring that no longer gives the same signal once the circle is broke?

Or do I need a new one?

so many questions....


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Fred, not sure if re gluing effects performance, but if you get a new one,  wrap  with a bit of bubble wrap and tape to protect it, and you can continue to happily  toss it on the ground. It works for me.

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 Gluing it back together is probably going to change it's values. To be honest I haven't used mine since after the first couple of times. I still question weather it improves detector performance in the areas that I hunt.

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Fred, my brother did the same thing to his,he used a non metalic epoxy and gluded it back together it works just find, i would tell the name of the epoxy but i can not remember.

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Off topic but sort of on topic as to where the thread is going :blink:

If you use semi-auto now do you need to re ferrite balance during a session considering the Z holds 100% of that info?  

What exactly is the benefit of semi-auto over fully auto?  

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Mine (f ring) is wrapped in orange paracord that also has a 3/4" loop of extra cord I use to hang the ferrite off of my detector harness. The cord protects the ring and the bright orange color makes it easy to see on the ground.

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Fred I know you didn`t ask this but, a few months ago I bought a couple of ferrite rings on ebay for 2.68 AUD, and Minelab say in their blurb on the ferrite ring, they recomend you use their one, but the real deal and the cheapy both seem do the same thing.  If I can hear one, I hear the other, and if I tune out one, it tunes out the other.   I still use the Minelab one, because it`s the Minelab one, but the cheapy seems to me to do exactly the same thing. Dave
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