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Steve Herschbach

Register Your Metal Detector Warranty Online

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Good advice.  Except for personal injuries caused by a defective product, where strict liability applies and it does not matter who purchased the defective product, the burden will be on the consumer to show the purchase.  Also, probably not so much an issue with metal detectors, where I think (hope) the manufacturers are reasonably honest with their written warranties and policies, but states often have warranty laws that add to or override consumer-unfriendly written warranties:



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Thanks Steve! Post reminded me to register my Minelab products.

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    • By Doc
      As previously reported in the post: 
      D’artagnon Jackson, Long Time Customer Of Doc, Scores First Beautiful Gold…
      Dar found a 1852 D gold U.S. dollar.   I submitted the find to Minelab for their Finds of The Month January contest.  Today Dartagnon received this email from Minelab.  Congratulations D'artagnon!  Doc

    • By Ridge Runner
      We know are heard that Lost Treasure magazine is no more. Well I just got Western & Eastern Treasure Magazine off the news stand and it was the March issue. What I didn’t know it’s the last printed copy we’ll see . It will be offered a digital copy and I’ll post that below. The picture is the front cover of the March issue and like said the last .

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Minelab is a division of a larger publicly traded company, Codan. That means we can peek at annual reports to learn a bit about the metal detecting world as far as size and sales. The competition is all privately held so numbers are hard to come by. From Codan 2018 Annual Report (October 2018):
      "In FY18, Minelab had another exceptionally strong year, with revenue of $164.0 million which delivered a segment contribution of $64.1 million. While sales of our GPZ 7000® top-of-the-range gold detector remain strong, they are being complemented by significantly higher sales of the new Gold Monster® and SDC 2300® detectors in Africa.
      Minelab’s base business is comprised of recreational products sold into Australia, Europe and the USA, a level of gold detector sales into Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America and sales of countermine products (detecting and clearing improvised explosive devices) globally. In the past, Minelab has had base-business sales in the range of $85 million to $95 million per annum. The combination of the EQUINOX® coin and treasure product release, an expanded gold detector range and Minelab’s entry into new geographic markets has increased the base business to around $110 million per annum.
      As was the case again in FY18, periods of stronger demand for gold detectors in Africa and new product introductions can push these revenues significantly higher. African demand continues to be driven by the superior performance of our products rather than gold surges. Existing customers are upgrading their GPX® gold detecting equipment and new customers are buying the entry-level Gold Monster®. It has also been pleasing to see a resurgence in demand for the SDC 2300®, a detector that is exceptionally good at discovering fine-particle gold. This changing sales mix has further diversified the business but has resulted in lower average margins for our gold detector products in Africa."
      FY18 SUMMARY
      Another exceptionally strong year, highest sales ever Successful release of the revolutionary EQUINOX® coin and treasure detector Diversified gold detector sales in Africa, less reliance on GPZ 7000® Delivered a significant order for the countermine F3 Compact™ detector Continued investment in new product development FY19 OBJECTIVES
      Maximise and diversify gold detector sales globally Expand distribution in Latin America through our new Minelab presence in Brazil Continue to expand our retail distribution channels in USA and Europe Complete the Countermine dual-sensor development programme "While we are confident of continued success in FY19, the unpredictable nature of our sales into Africa makes forecasting difficult for this business. In the past, Minelab has had base-business sales in the range of $85 million to $95 million per year. The EQUINOX® product release, coupled with an expanded gold detector range and Minelab’s entry into new markets, have increased this base-business by more than 20%, to around $110 million in sales per annum."
      and the part we all want to read:
      "Minelab continues to invest in product development for recreational markets and has a number of new, improved metal detectors in the pipeline."
      click for larger version...

    • By Ridge Runner
      Well I received my December 2017 mag from Lost Treasure today and just on the inside of the first page is the new MX 7. This has to be the same detector that Tom has been swinging around with a orange ring around the face. White's is offering you a look at the detector by way of a video on their site.
      The only thing said is a test was done with a 8.5 gram 14K gold ring at 14 inches saying gonna need a bigger shovel. I guess to find out more we all need to look at White's video on this detector.
      10/30 edit - you can find the latest White’s MX7 Details & Specifications Here

      White's MX7 metal detector