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Detech Versus Coiltek Elite Coils


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Thanks for the reply Sniper, I've heard some good things about the Elite coils and some of the posters from Oz are starting to talk about the big Detect coils on other forums. I don't have a PI yet just trying to get a little info. Would probably only want one large coil if I did get a PI.

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I have used Detech coils  and still do, I also use Nuggetfinder coils...I have used coiltek but found them a bit to touch sensitive working around rocks and bushes. My most successful coil in Detech is the Elliptical 15x10 Mono.... I have used the Nuggetfinder Evo coils, and prefer the 12" round over the larger ones. The Evo and I am sure the Elite coils are the same, super hot and react to hot spots, you will dig more ground noise or what appears to be real soft deep targets...reducing gain helps. Reality is.....all the major brands are good coils...I have no allegiance to any of them, as long as they squeeze out gold for me I keep them. Detech makes a good coil, built well, and run stable, and are not bump sensitive. Over the years, all others  now have a slight sensitivity to bumping into rocks and such...the Detech not. Don't get to hung up on which brand..just decide on one and buy it....they will all find you gold if you get the coil over a nugget. Good luck........and Happy Hunting.

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Detech's largest flat/spiral wound mono is a 14". There is an 18" round and 18" elliptical in the product line-up but these are both a traditional wound coil. I haven't used both side by side, but I'd say the 18' Elite would have more sensitivity to small gold, but the Detech would likely run quieter in high mineralisation (due to less near-coil sensitivity). 

Detech have a new 15" round coming out which will be interesting to see how it compares to the current 14" Ultra, as well as the 15" Evo which is a brilliant coil.  


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