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Steve Herschbach

Florida Treasure Coast Beach Report

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I accidently found this website that posts pictures and reports almost daily. Lots of photos of some famous finds, beach conditions, etc. Be sure especially to look for the Treasure Site Reference Link List in column on left.

Check it out.... http://treasurebeachesreport.blogspot.com/

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    • By Edsped
      Hey all, I’ve recently picked up and old blue Excalibur 1000 from eBay that I plan to dive with. My only problem is the headphones aren’t the “blowing my ears off” kind of loud. It’s got the original blue headphones on it and I was wondering since I know the Excalibur 2 is incredibly loud it it  just how the blue headphones are or if it’s not working 100%, They are easily audible out of water though.
      Thank you!
    • By Nuke em
      Last night after i finished work i went to the beach for a 9pm start . The tide was in and i would work it out all night if it was worth it or if i could stay awake .
      I did the dry tops for a few hours then looked down the lower beach but it has built up in many places . But i did find a Silver chain and on the pendent it say 925 375 DIA , its all a bit knotted up . So i presume thats Silver , 9k Gold and Diamond . I had a good session on coinage but not as good as it should be , the weather was a bit chilly and cool yesterday so i didn't expect much . Near the end of the search i found 2 cufflinks , not Silver .
      I finished at around 2.30am as i was knackered and my bed was calling . I walked a few miles so that was enough exercise for me . 
      In this search i found the Silver/Gold chain , a foreign coin and the chain , the cufflinks and £35.87p in coinage .
      Today i wont be out , i need sleep . Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • By Nuke em
      Today i got to the beach at 5pm but because of the bloody football it was very busy with Lager louts and other people . I had to wait quite a while before searching . The beach was similar to yesterday but built up slightly more . I got there at high tide and that held me up too . I think it was near sunset before i got some serious detecting in and by 10.45pm i gave up because there were still too many people on the beach . I had £22.13p , a 1 Euro and another but small Silver ring .
      Thats my lot till Tuesday but no sure when on that day . 
      Whilst the weather is warm and there are crowds on the beach i will use the ET , it doesn't get the interference the Nox gets .

    • By staffydog33
      Went out with my Father yesterday, for a couple of hours to a local beach.
      Both with our Equinox 800s.
      No gold, but bear in mind, this is a UK beach, so not exactly the Treasure coast in Florida...lol.
      I got a shed load of coins....all modern and a heart-stopping bracelet RAM PACKED full of diamonds.....but turned out to be fake! GRRR!!
      My Father, however, truly showed  me how it's done, by also getting lots of modern coins, but also 2 x .925 perfect condition Sterling silver rings!!
      It's safe to say that the Equinox 800s are definitely doing the job!
      See pics of his rings....
      Nice one.

    • By Al F
      For all the beachers.....I read somewhere ( don't remember where ), to periodically remove the coil cover and dump out the sand.... I did so on the 3rd and found a considerable amount....... After cleaning it out and reinstalling the cover, I took it out to a beach and seem to have gotten a better response on all coins and silver.....BUT I now wonder if there is a FIX to keep the sand from invading the miniscule space betwixt the coil and the coil cover......any viable ideas??????