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No Nuggets Recently But A Couple Of Nice Rings!

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That topaz ring is gorgeous!


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Nice work Mitchell ! that Topaz ring is very large. I bought my mother a 14k topaz two years ago with a large stone but not as big as yours. Rings are as much fun as gold IMHO. We are heading to Pismo in early November for a three day hunt hope to find something as nice as what you are getting.


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    • By Jackpine
      for finding the class ring but this mornings hunt produced this ticket in the first 1/2 hour.  8.9 grams marked au585

    • By JP.Diggzzit
      My parents recently visited so I took my Dad out to the beach the day after Father's day.  Keep in mind, he is a complete novice and usually only detects with me.  Beaches have been sanded in, so I told him not to expect much.  I was swinging the CTX 3030 with the 17" coil and he took the Equinox 600.  After a quick initial setup, he was on his way to finding this...14k gold bangle bracelet, almost 25 grams!  I was about a 1/2 mile down the beach so I didn't see the recovery.  He said it was "loud" and about 6 or 7 scoops down (big stealth scoop).  It was in the wet sand and waves kept on filling in his hole.  It rings 13 on the Equinox 600 and 12:13 on the CTX.  My wife usually has 1st dibs on all jewelry, but my Mom got this one.  I have found beach 2 works best (more stable) for my local beaches, auto GB 0, Recovery 2 or 3 (depending on target concentration), iron bias 1, full tones, sens 21 or 22, no discrimination most of the time.  The Equinox 600 out shined the CTX on this day as I only found about $2 in change.  Looking forward to the 15" coil for big low tides and the 800 with 6" coil may also be in my future for heavier trash sites (on occasion).

    • By Jackpine
      My first class ring of the year.  I contacted a Nephew that happens to teach at the school and we will get it returned to one happy (and lucky) young lady.

    • By Nuke em
      Last night after work i went to the beach with my ET for low tide , i got there at 9.20pm . Low tide was around midnight so i had some time to search down to low tide . I also searched the tops , for a while i found very little . There were quite a few people on the beach still after dark but i found some coinage . low down on the beach i had a 12  46 and found another Silver ring , probably a toe ring ? After that i did the tops but coinage was rare again . But in the dark i shone on an area of rubbish and saw a £10 note so that doubled my finds at the time.
      After finished that beach i went onto another beach next and found little but then on the tops i found a watch , doesn't fit my wrist or Mum's so will see if it fits my Nieces .
      I left the beach at 11.45pm as i was to tired to carry on and it was very warm and muggy , I was betting my swollocks off . I could almost wish for a storm to cool things off .
      I will be back there later today at 5pm in 2 hours time . Tide will be high so i will work it out again and hope for yellow. 
      My finds yesterday were £25.73p , the ring and the watch .

    • By Nuke em
      On Thursday/Friday 29-06-18 after finishing work at 9pm Thursday i went to the beach when the weather was very warm , i searched from 1am to 7am and found £37.25p , a Silver ring , a 50 Euro Cent , a US Cent and another small foreign coin , a 13000 mah Power bank , a nail file and a pen . When i got home i  had to go to London Guy's Hospital with Mum on the 10.30 Bus then a Train so Mum could go to see her Surgeon at 2.30pm that will be operating on her right Lung which is possibly Cancerous but they cannot be sure of it in a few weeks time . She definitely has a lump in her Lung so being she has had Breast Cancer in the past we can assume it is Cancer. We got home from there at around 9pm and stuffed into take away Fish and Chips .
      Saturday i worked.
      Today Sunday 1st July was a really warm day here in the UK and the beaches i go to to detect were heaving big time . I went early at 4pm to see if i could hunt for rings low down and i would hunt the dry tops later when the crowds cleared a bit . Well i started at around 4pm and searched the lower beach in the surf as the tide went out being careful not to drop ET in the oggin , not long into the search i found a small Silver ring and had some coins turn up too . I occasionally searched some spots on the tops which were clear of crowds and found more . At about 7pm i was disturbed by a Romanian woman that her Husband had lost his Wedding ring , she said its the same as hers at 14k and hers read 12  16 on the ET . So for a while i searched for the ring where he said he lost it but didn't find it . So for a while i kept looking for other stuff and found more coinage and another small Silver ring . After a while another detectorist turned up and the man that lost the ring asked him if he could look for it , he was using an older XP machine so as i didn't want him to find it as it would have been embarrassing for my ET i got stuck in looking for it again . The couple were obviously thinking that the ring was lost and had started to leave the beach when i had a 12  15 on my ET , i dug the target and i saw it was the ring . But it wasn't where he said it was . I shouted i have found the ring and they came back to me . He said he was going to give me a reward and gave me £50 . 
      I think that he was happy just to have the ring back , being their rings were the same except for size . After that i went hunting for more rings and had another bigger Silver ring and a junk ring , when the crowds cleared a bit more i did the dry and found more coinage .
      It is harder than in the past now most people use cashless means of payment but today was quite good though not as good as a few years ago when i could score a ton through the night . I could have stayed through the night but my knees are getting a bit knackered for that and by 11 pm i was knackered so called it a day .
      My total for this search was including the reward £94.34p , a US Cent , a 20 Euro Cent , 3 Silver rings , a junk ring and the returned Gold ring .  
      Thats the first Gold ring i have found that was found with my present ET and my first 14k . The picture of the Gold ring is taken by my phone on my upturned rucksack.
      I would go to the beach on Monday but i have other things to do so my next search is next Friday night or Saturday .

    • By Jackpine
      I hit the water early again this morning to see what the weekend crowd might have left.  Targets were sparse with 2 bling earrings  and the nemesis of water hunters in a Tungsten ring.  At 17.7 grams I can understand why it flew off the wearers finger, would have made a nice chunk'O gold. 😥
      I have started to pass up the new bottle caps.  Have not dug a one that didn't bounce erratically reading Iron/15-21 or there about.