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Rock Tumblers?

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I use a 12 pound Lortone to clean my clad coins with aquarium gravel.  It works great.

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    • By Andy2640
      Hi Ya'll
      Well im now building up a huge collection of various finds.   Ive got so many British 1800 and 1900 pennies, half pennies and farthings that i dont know what to do with them all.  But also some really nice silver sixpences, half crowns, florins and other nice silver coins.  Other items are rings x2, musket balls, badges and roman/medievil weights.
      Question is, how do you lovely buggers store your finds?  Be it coin cabinets, display cases or just sprawled over your desk.  Do you lot keep only the best coins for display, or show everything you find?  See im not sure whether to display only the cream of the crop, or enjoy everything, both the good, the bad and the down right ugly.
      Would love to see your collection displays, coin trays, etc and your thoughts on finds which meet either the ... "keep/throw/stash or display criteria".  Hopefully you'll give me and others some ideas ...and of course inspiration 😉
      Cheers peeps.
    • By Gerry in Idaho
      One of the things that intrigues me about natural raw gold is the many offbeat ways nature creates Au.  This rare (to me) almost sheet type gold is a 1st.  It looks as if the liquid metal cooled right between two quarts seams and then just popped out.  You can still see small rough white quarts crystals still attached to both sided of this beauty.  YES it is!  You may think it is ugly and that is fine, but since I own it, I say it is a beauty.  Just bigger than my thumb nail and weighs in at 2 grams (30 grains) and was found with the 24K while using the 6" concentric coil at about 8" depth.  This one is an Idaho piece and a little unique compared to the others found in years past at that site.
      I'm wondering if I should tumble it a little to get a bit smoother shine or use a wire brush to add a little sparkle or leave it as is?  What would you do with something like this?

    • By Mac
      Prospecting many years ago I discovered a large chunk of quartz with intact host rock on one side. The slate is flat and so, I want to clean the piece and display it. It's about the size of a shoebox. It's in my storage unit, otherwise I'd take and post a photo. From what I remember it's got pyrite in the cavaties and might be rather nice looking if clean. I use to be a medical laboratory technologist and very cautious about using chemicals without a safety ventilation hood, so are there non-chemical options? Would a baking soda or vinegar paste get it clean? Do I need to post the photo in order to ID how best to clean it? I have motivation now to tackle the major project of gutting the unit to get to the 40+ year collection of rocks, most of which are quartz pieces from gold bearing regions ... due to realizing just now that none of these have had a detector run over it. 
    • By Ridge Runner
      I’m sure all have seen lots of Detectors going up for sale. I know myself have put up items that I think I can live without.
       I’ve done it sometimes because I needed the money to buy another detector. Like some I sold it thinking I don’t need it because that new one is replacing the old one.
      Did I ever regret selling something,why that’s a big time yes. I’m thinking later stup it was paid for and you really didn’t have to sell it.
       I’m bad about saying something before putting brain in gear before putting mouth in motion. I have the same problem on selling a item before thinking it out first.
      I have a friend when I call his house I tell his wife let me speak to him I need counseling.
      I’d say this big problem for all of us is caused by so many new detectors hitting the market within  such a short time.
      What can I say so many to buy with so little money.
      If any of you be rich I just put myself up for adoption. Like said in the past I have no pride.
      PS The councilor tells me to buy as many detectors I want. He’s the same way when it comes to guns. My kind of guy!
    • By foreverteachable
      I used baking soda and water to clean the coins since I don't plan on selling them.

    • By DukeBoxer
      The other day I made a spreadsheet to calculate MELT value of all my finds, I pull most of the info from coininfo.com and then spot prices of precious metals from Money Metals Exchange. I pull over 35% nickels, 90% dimes, 90% quarters, 90% halves and because I found one, 80% Candian quarter prices, plus 9, 10, 14, and 18k gold. Under the PM spots there's a sterling silver per gram conversion and then there are some bullion prices (These I think are dealer bid prices, so lower than normal) and along with those, a sterling/ounce price. It is made with google sheets but I'm sure you can export it to excel format (or even LibreOffice Calc). The prices are not live, but they do update each time you open the file. Here is a link to check it out and copy it for yourself. Below everything you'll see 2 cells with the formula for "American Silver Eagle". I left that there to test pulling in other info from the website. If anyone wants an explanation on how to add different things just let me know. Later today I will try to explain here