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Jeff Williams is kinda corny but here we learn about finding gold in a desert wash with eyeballs and dowsing rods, how to recognize alkali deposits as a source of shallow water in the desert, rock formations, volcanic plugs, dikes, contact zones and such


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Only watched a few minutes of the video and then hit the 'exit' button,that says it all really.

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I have been watching Jeff Williams videos quite some time and find them both entertaining and informative. I see a lot of effort on his part being made to both inform and entertain. It's true he can get a little corny at times with his skeleton buddy Slim but I like the humor. He sort of acts like that high school teacher who tried to be funny to make learning fun. There is a lot of good stuff to be watched on his you tube channel. I have found recently he has gone a little more commercial by shouting out to all his new patreon donators , I skip forward when he starts shouting out 20 or so names. But other than that I can honestly say Jeff disseminates good info in a funny way and "I like it".

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2 hours ago, Rege-PA said:

I applaud his effort, I will sit through anything to learn something about gold and how to better to find it.

I have never been prospecting. So I watched the video for learning about prospecting. I think he just wants to be comical.

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