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Ben Nicoloson Using His New Gold Monster For The First Time


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That doesn't look like a good place for a 19!  :tongue:


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Besides being painful to watch the poor technique and lack of plastic shovel, this video also shows a bit of the Gold Monster's weakness (or rather individuality). When on a target you do not get the strong zip-zip-zip of a GB2. The signal is less crisp and becomes occasionally intermittent as the ground balance begins to cancel out the signal. Excessive swings back and forth over the target is not recommended. You need to regularly take the GM to the side and pump it to re-ground balance.


The GM is a great machine but it's "best practices" are slightly different from other machines. 

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8 hours ago, kiwijw said:

His biggest mistake was not bringing the plastic scoop, & he likely threw the target aside. Trying to use his hands was never going to make it easy. The Monster is a sensitive little devil & like the Gb2 will nut off on your hand.

JW :smile:

Yeah JW your right about the scoop, a lot of modern VLFs will do that too, My VLF will pick up my bare hand at 4 to 6 inches using the standard round 10" coil, I had to import a scoop from Miner John in the US. no one had them over here.

We all complain about how detectors have got stuck in the past, although the depth etc has not changed much but the machines seem to be a lot hotter,  I think it would be hard measure the difference between the GM and the GB 2 along with a few ohers,


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Sounds like Ben had a great time in Midpines ...we've all been there I am sure..frustrating as heck, chasing a tiny bit of gold. After all these years using my hands to scoop dirt I finally started using a plastic scoop..:rolleyes: don't know why it took so damned long.... 

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There is a bit of skill to pinpointing. Just waving a coil over a target to see if a target is present is not the same thing as pinpointing. He never really did an actual pinpoint of the target so he only had a vague idea of where it was - and in the end that was not good enough.

The other thing is that when you are underground and chipping stuff off the walls of a working, you are crazy if you dont first lay down a canvas tarp or something like that to catch the rocks you are chipping off the walls. Often the floor of old workings are loaded with gobs of trash that can make your detecting the gold bearing chips you knocked off very difficult. Some sort of catch will make your lives about 10 times easier because you can see the stuff you knocked down on top of the tarp and keep it separate from the junk on the floor. 

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