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Get A Gold Bug Pro But Even Better - Fisher F19 On Sale

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First Texas is the company that owns the Bounty Hunter, Fisher, and Teknetics metal detector brands. KInd of like Chevy and GM putting out similar models under different brands you can often find similar Fisher and Teknetic models.

My choice for an affordable high performance all around VLF detector with an emphasis on gold prospecting has been and continues to be the Fisher Gold Bug Pro. Lightweight, inexpensive, hot on gold, and good and dealing with dense ferrous trash. Great for nugget detecting, plus relics, coins, jewelry, etc. Right now the Fisher Gold Bug Pro with 5" round DD coil sells for $649 online.


The main problem with the Gold Bug Pro is it comes with the 5" round coil, which is a great little coil for sniping small areas, but no good for covering large areas. You can also buy the Gold Bug Pro with an 11" x 7" DD coil - it is the exact same detector but they call it the Gold Bug DP to indicate it comes with the larger coil. It also tacks $50 onto the price and so you see it online at $699.


The problem even then is I think perhaps the best coil for all around nugget detecting with the Gold Bug Pro is the 10" x 5" elliptical. Great all around sensitivity, covers ground well, and pokes around in nooks and crannies without getting hung up like an open design coil. The problem? Fisher does not sell the Gold Bug Pro with just the 10" x 5" coil as stock. The only way to get it is as part of a dual coil package. That's fine but guess what - the price goes up another $50 and so you see the dual coil package advertised at $749 online.


You can find more information on various Gold Bug versions past and present at this thread.

It turns out the Gold Bug Pro is a great relic detector (Best Ever Made! according to Fisher) but the name was a problem. Overseas especially Gold Bug Pro is an odd name due to the "Bug" part not translating well, but it also says the machine is a gold prospecting detector and not a relic detector. Fisher sidestepped this initially by coming out with the Teknetics G2. This is the exact same detector as the Gold Bug DP above but with a different rod and grip assembly.


OK, long lead in! Fisher took the 19 khz Gold Bug Pro and added a few features and called it the Fisher F19. This machine is marketed as a relic detector, but it is still the same 19 khz Gold Bug Pro under the hood. Extra features include:

  • Adjustable volume, both master volume and ferrous volume. The Gold Bug Pro runs at max volume at all times. No volume control built in. The F19 adds a normal 1 - 10 volume control. It also adds a secondary 1 -10 control that only affects the ferrous 0 - 39 region of the id scale. So you can have gold nugget make a loud beep but a nail make a very soft ground. This is great when working in lots of ferrous trash as it lowers the barrages of ferrous signals. The Gold Bug Pro has a very loud external speaker, and the ability to lower the volume when working without headphones is welcome.
  • Red meter backlight. The meter can be lit for low light conditions, with the red tone chosen to not affect your eyes low light capturing ability (same as in aircraft cockpits). The backlight is adjustable and can be turned off.
  • Notch discriminate. A discriminate "window" can be created of variable size, and set to either "notch out" or "notch in" any certain segment of the target id scale. For instance a certain pesky pulltab reading can be individually blacked out. The Gold Bug Pro lacks this ability.
  • But here is the big one - the F19 comes standard with the desired 10" x 5" elliptical DD coil!

The catch is that the Fisher F19 normally sells for $799 though it has seen recent price reductions in some versions to $699. Still, at that price I still have in the past recommended the F19 as an option to the Gold Bug Pro due to the stock coil and extra features.

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Owners Manual

Fisher F19 Owners Manual

First Texas just went ahead and made this all a real no-brainer. Until the end of November or until stocks run out you can now get the F19 for only $449. That is less than a Gold Bug Pro or even basic Gold Bug model sells for. For anyone interested in a Gold Bug Pro, this is a real bargain and an opportunity to pick up the extra features of the F19 at an actual savings over a Gold Bug Pro.


Finally, the Teknetics G2+, which is exactly the same machine as the F19 but with a different rod assembly and coil (11" x 7" DD), can also be had now for only $449.




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2 hours ago, rehupuntti said:

Vihaan kulta-bug-sävyjä .. ja syvä kolikko hunting.deus on paras europa relic.coin ja ehkä joskus kullanhuippu .. Lappi.sorry my off topic..?

Ever try Google Translate ? I use it often...google it.:biggrin:

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My fault - it was in English but he used the quote button. That copies my entire post into his, really making the page over-long. I deleted the quote part and weirdly enough the translation flipped back to Finnish. Must have been code in there that referenced Google Translate. Fixed now.

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The GB Pro is a good, all around, basic nugget detecting VLF - but that price for the F19 (an equivalent to the GB Pro with a few improvements) is a very good one. Less than $500 for such a very capable detector is impressive and very hard to beat. I remember the first F19 I saw was in pink Cammo - and I guess they still offer that option.

Also Steve, it doesn't seem like you are shrinking your detector collection very fast....:biggrin::wink:

Hope all is going well...

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Hi Chris,

All is well here and hope the same for you and yours!

You might be assuming I am getting the F19 but so far I am resisting pulling the trigger even at that price. I actually just sold the White's DFX and the Deus - the Tek G2 is for sale right now. The Impact found a new home with another test person. CTX 3030 probably up next - collection shrinking fast.

If it was any other situation I would just jump on this, but with the Minelab Equinox waiting in the wings it seems I have finally found a general purpose detector that hits more items on my desired feature list than any other before it. I just keep thinking, if I have the Equinox, would I ever use the F19? If the answer is no, which is probably the case, then even at this price I am just not sure. Must resist...........

Sure is a smoking deal though..... :cool:

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I couldn't resist that deal.   I ordered a G2+LTD green camo model.    Don't forget the $449 is MAP price.  Your favorite dealer will likely give you a little more off that.

I like the G2 handle better than the S-rod setup of the F19.   Whats really cool is I already have all the accessory coils for it since I can use my F5/8500 coils on it.




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I like the G2+ handle in my hand, but the F19 S-rod configuration stuffs in a rucksack better. For those that care about such things. Big choice for people will just boil down to the coil options - and there are the  camo options. :smile:

No matter what can’t get hurt at these prices. There is a decent chance you can buy one of these and sell in a year or two and get about what you paid for it.

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7 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

If it was any other situation I would just jump on this, but with the Minelab Equinox waiting in the wings it seems I have finally found a general purpose detector that hits more items on my desired feature list than any other before it. I just keep thinking, if I have the Equinox, would I ever use the F19? If the answer is no, which is probably the case, then even at this price I am just not sure. Must resist...........

Sure is a smoking deal though..... :cool:

This is my dilemma too.  I have a GB Pro already but would really love to jump on this deal.  My GB Pro is awesome, and the extra features of the F19 would be nice.  Problem is I also have an Equinox 800 on preorder.  I keep wondering though if the GB Pro (and the new F19) might not still be better for nuggets or tiny gold jewelry because it's a single frequency detector right in the sweet spot at 19 kHz.  Wouldn't a single frequency detector be optimized for that frequency, especially the coil, where the multi freq detector would be a compromise and probably not inherently run as well when set in single freq mode?  

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    • By relicmeister
      I got me a g2+ a month ago but couldn’t use it due to all the snow. I’ve been out with it 4 times now and find that it’s quite a fun and effective detector to use for my main pursuit of relic hunting, along with the Nox and  Orx w/ 9” hf. I think it’s a keeper. I bought a sharpshooter coil used but as I like the stock coil I just sold it for what I paid covering fee and shipping so no loss. I’m thinking of the superfly to use as the machine with the biggest coverage profile and depth possibly, and the lightness for sure is appealing. I didn’t care for the 12”x15” equinox coil. So I’m interested in any comments related to the superfly performance especially if on the g2 but if not on the t2 or f75. Price is fair like an added $110 to the invested $ I had on the sharpshooter. It’s  not a must have and I don’t do fields and big open areas very often, so the Nox w/ 11” coil is fine really. 
        Just looking for help deciding merits 
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The First Texas 19 kHz series of detectors include the Fisher Gold Bug, Gold Bug Pro, F19, Teknetics G2 and G2+, and the Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Pro.
      These detectors are all designed specifically for DD coils. However, a lot of the F70/F75 coils will plug into the 19 kHz models and work, some better, some worse. You can't harm the detector doing this, but the coils may not ground balance properly, or have inaccurate target id. Others may be fine, due to the slop in coil manufacturing tolerances. From this thread we have this commentary by FT engineer Dave Johnson:
      1. F75 and F70 searchcoils are interchangeable.
      2. T2 coils are their own animal, will not work at all on anything else (or vice versa).
      3. F5 uses the "Greek" ("Fratbros") searchcoil series. These are wired the same as the F75/70 searchcoils but are electrically different. Even though some customers have tried searchcoils from one series on a machine designed for the other series and decided that they "work", the factory is not going to say that they "work' because we know there is performance degradation whether or not the customer knows (or even cares) about that.
      4. The legacy BH coil series was also used on the Fisher F2 and F4. Although these may plug into F75/70 and Greek/Fratbros machines and actually beep, performance is severely degraded.
      5. The 19 kHz machines (Gold Bug and others derived from that platform) are designed specifically to use the DD searchcoils of the Greek/Fratbros series. Depending on the individual searchcoil, a concentric may work fairly well or not at all or anything in between.
      6. In general, plugging the wrong searchcoil into a metal detector is not going to cause any damage to the detector although we cannot guarantee a thing like that.
      Long story short I have this Time Ranger Pro sitting around that I've basically done nothing with but invest in a NEL accessory coil. Back in the day I ran the 13 kHz Detech Ultimate coil and 4" x 6.5" concentric coils from my F75 on my 19 kHz Gold Bug Pro, and they seemed to work fine. But as noted above it is a crapshoot.
      Anyway, I got to wondering about a small concentric on the TRP, and looked into rounding up the 13 kHz 4" x 6.5" concentric for the F70/F75 to give it a go on the 19 kHz TRP. This is where I was reminded that First Texas has redesigned the housing on some older coils, including the old 4" x 6.5" elliptical. The new design replaces the old design, and it is important to note that scuff covers for the old version do not fit the old version, and vice versa.
      I ordered one that has a picture of the old design, but frankly I have no idea which of the two coils pictured below will show up. At some point I'll let you all know how this coil runs... or not.... on the TRP.

    • By Joe D.
      Hello all,
         I decided to start a new post from the "Tale of Two Detectors" post, specifically for the G2+! That way, anyone else that bought one, or has one, can also post, for setup and such!
          I went out yesterday afternoon, seeing how it had been raining all day, and i was tired of being stuck in the house! It was perfect weather to detect, and the tide was falling! The rain made it cool enough to be fairly comfortable in the humidity! The beaches the last couple of weeks have not been good! Sand is still way to soft near the water to find much! And the renurishment sand still pollutes the beach's! But it's exercise, and gets me out of the house to work on my skills with pinky!
          There was one other guy working south of me, so i headed north of the pier! A walked about a mile with little to show,  before i saw some promising erosion! Once getting there, some coins started here and there! But nothing that was going to break the bank! I am getting the hang of the sounds the detector makes, and could decern when to not dig much better this time out! The highlight finds were a nice fishing lure, and a small gold/ silver ring; not sure yet, as it has no discernable mark inside the band, but it cleaned up nice, and is the first ring i found with the G2+! 💍
         Also of note, was low tide finger mullet running in the shallows, to avoid being eaten! I walked thru a large school, while detecting! Nature is awesome, and one of the "Treasures" you can't take home in a find's pouch!👍👍

    • By bigtim1973
      I remember seeing in ads when these hit the scene that they had 2 processors in them. Now I do not see anything about that anymore. Does anyone remember this?
    • By Joe D.
      Hello all, 
          So, i found myself in a very unusual position this past week of trading a detector, and buying a detector! 
          I just want to preface this by saying, I'm not crazy (hopefully)!! Or on any mind altering substances of any kind!😂
            I'm sure many of you saw Gerry of Gerrysdetectors.com looking to sell a brand new White's MXT Pro! Or trade for a used Nox 800!  Well, i did the trade!😬   I'm sure there are those of you that think I'm crazy! (All comments and opinion's welcome)! Well, I'll try and answer that puzzle?! 
          I've always liked the old school (not old) detector maker's that i grew up knowing! And I always wanted a Whites! And this was one i liked! I already had a few Bounty Hunters, and a Garrett! But due to my too long hiatus from detecting, never got around to the White's! I figured that they would still be around when i was ready! Well, we all know that story! So i was looking to add a  new detector to my AT Pro, and Nox 800! Seemed easy enough, and i had been feeling out all the recent models! Than i saw Gerry's ad, and decided to take a different route! I offered to buy, or trade my 800 for the MXT Pro! He went with the trade, which I'm confident we will both be happy with!🤞 They are shipping past one another as we speak! I felt like i wasn't using the 800 to it's fullest extent! And i also knew that next year i would be selling it anyway, before the warranty ran out! So that was where my mind was at!  And i knew the White's supply was drying up relatively fast; and i could always revisit a Nox at a later date!
           Than i saw The post about the Pinky Camo Technetics G2+!! I didn't think i would find a better price close to this, so Sold!! Another direction change! Again, I could have gotten a newer kid on the block, but again decided a tried and true alternative!
          That's my story for now! I welcome all comments and suggestions! Coil and accessory suggestions, etc... for both detectors!
      Tell me what you all think!! And if they were bad decisions, it's all Steve H's fault!! I found both of these on his forum!!😂🤣(kidding Steve)!
         Thanks all for your input!
      And to Gerry and Steve, for furthering my detector addiction! 👍👍
    • By Rod K
      Is there any usable difference with the Teknetics G2+ when used for nugget hunting?
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