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Tow Coils / Detector Sleds

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Paul, I've messed about with sledding (tow coils) since the GT16000 came on the market, which made the concept a possibility because the detector could ground balance as you progressed over varying soil conditions. With the introduction of the 2200d it was possible to step up to pulse induction which meant more mineralised ground could be sledded than with VLF. Experimentation led to the conclusion that mono was the way to go as target response with a dd was way too slow. The best detector so far has been the GPX4000 for this type of detection, although I am yet to try the QED.

Trial and error has taught me that the best setup has been a coil on a section of rubber conveyor belt. It proves the old 'KISS' principle. Keep it simple stupid.

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Thanks for the reply Reg,

I may have a go at building one to pull behind my Jimny... (as soon as I can get one :wink:)

The idea fascinates me... always has ... but i never had an open area to use one in.  Im coming to WA this spring so it might be something i could put in the trick bag...


Could you share your results and if you think it was feasible in the right places.

And do you have any plans, or was this something you made on the go? Do you still have one?

How did you 'tune' the coil to the 4000?

I dont know if anyone else is interested in this or not.....

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Paul, if you get the opportunity I would be happy to loan you my setup and show you the basics. It should be fine with any GPX. All you need is auto ground balance and a tow vehicle that won't interfere with the electronics. (diesel with alternator isolated) 


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Are you kidding??? I would love to meet you and hear some stories---the sled would be a bonus--- !

I will be there sometime after the first of the year--I haven't figured out yet what route to take ---where to start and where to end it up????

I cant get a grip on the weather patterns there... If i come in January i need to figure out the most pleasant place to detect---if i can figure that out then maybe i can chart the course for this Aussie Adventure 2018!!!! :biggrin:

By the way, where are you located Reg?

Sorry to the rest of you I didnt mean to hijack this thread it is GREAT---but i cant miss this opportunity....:wink:

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Hijack is fine Paul. I see it's now a separate thread anyway. Here's Reg's early model detecting sled again:


He now uses a sheet of conveyer belting - much simpler! The streamers are thrown out when a signal is heard and followed up with a hand detector.

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January - hot. February - hot. March - getting better.  

WA, NT, SA and Queensland would be pretty unbearable during Jan, Feb (I think).  

Victoria has its moments.  Last summer was reasonably mild but still plenty of days mid 30's and a few in the 40's (Celsius obviously).  

Reg is in Victoria.  6 weeks in the famous Golden Triangle, a week in South Australia to drop in on minelab and Nenad and then 5 weeks in WA as the weather cools a little :biggrin:

You'd get to cross the Nullabor Plain and the longest dead straight section of road in Australia - 150 kms or thereabouts.  Most people find the drive to WA boring.  I've done it 3 times now - heaps to see if you go looking.  

Whatever you do, if you end up in Victoria it would be good to catch up and have a beer :wink:




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