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A Few From The Desert Southwest

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Uh....how come this didnt happen when i was there?????

and i may just be there come dec 3rd!!!!

Only if the weather is too cold in NorCal... CaGold!

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Nice finds Condor. Congrats. Thanks for sharing.

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

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Good to see you posting up some nice finds steve.  Eric said he is headed back to Yuma around the 20 th of October and I hope to be there by January got to much work to get down any sooner.Keep posting up the finds i need the insperational fix

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    • By PG-Prospecting
      Finally got around to finishing a video of Dredging In Virginia back in the Spring of 2018.  Got two nice little nuggets, picked one off of bedrock but the larger one snuck by me and was found in the box.  Let me know what you guys think, and would love to hear any advice, as im always learning.  And as always Thumbs up for GOLD!!
    • By billdean
      After finding a few nuggets last year this year is starting off a little better. The Monster does a fine job on small shallow pieces of gold in the Arizona desert. This is only my second year detecting. 

    • By Nuke em
      Yesterday morning i went to one of my beaches and searched from mid day till 4pm sunset . I found the beach looking quite good and thought it would be good for Gold . I started on a small beach first and found a few older Pound coins and other coins that had obviously been there a long while. I then hopped over onto another beach by that one which is normally very good in the Summer wasn't good and i found almost nothing .
      Going onto the next beach i found this beach to be very different and saw very hard cuts into the higher end of the beach . I started to find many coins amongst the millions of nails and other Iron . Half way along i found a few coins and then got a target that i didn't check on the meter and dug it . I suddenly saw yellow and when i picked it up found it was a 22k Gold ring  , it says on the ring 22kDM916 . I also found old early 1900's Pre Decimal coins . A short while later i found a Stainless Steel ring and a junk Shark thing and a 1 Euro , a US 2010 Five Cent and a coin with a hole in it .
      I then turned around and headed back and finished at 4pm .
      My finds for the day were £35.72p in coinage , a 1 Euro , a US 5 Cent , an unknown coin , several Pre Decimal coins , a junk Shark , the Stainless Steel ring and the 22k Gold ring .
      The stone in the pictures is a lot clearer , it might be the Bluetac thats making it dull.
      I would have gone today but i will on Wednesday morning , not sure it will be the same place .

    • By Steve Herschbach
      It's a beauty - nice character!

    • By idahogold
      Nice Story" Nice Gold! I've never seen this "Beast" before? Passing it on to the Forum! Goals 4 the New Year? Find a Nugget/Specie Like this? OK! 😄Ig
    • By Chris Ben
      So I was able to make it out for a half day yesterday of detecting. The plan was to start at an old wash I had found a few nuggets. Hit really low and slow, jamming the coil under all the bushes. I must have done a good job before...no luck. I did see a new wash I never hit before and thought I'd give it a try. Hit a 1 g nugget right of the bat and figured I was on a new patch. NOPE lol. My super power seems to be finding lone random nuggets,  not patches. 
      I had an hour and half left before I had to go, so I decided to hit an area that has trash, and most people assume has been pounded. Its below an area of scraping and full of drywasher piles. I tried to look at the area from a different perspective and not automatically go to the washes. The plan worked. I picked the 2 small species back to back and then had to work a little harder to find the last nugget of the year. 2.8g. It was a foot down and not a solid signal to start with.

      2018 was a tough year, because 2017 I picked all the low lying fruit with my new then GPZ 7000. Now I have to work a little harder, think more, and explore more. But I figure this is what makes us better prospectors. My buddy Dave and I have tried to explore and expand new areas with very limited success lol. But we will keep trying. 2019 will be a tough year as well because I have a couple of surgeries scheduled, but I'm sure I'll make the most of it. 
      Happy New Year everyone!!