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G'day you lot, Now that we are well & truly into daylight saving, which gives us an extra hour of daylight after work in the evenings, & with the evening daylight increasing as we head into our summer it gives plenty of time do do evening detects localy around the Queenstown area. So one night after work this week I decided to take poor lonely neglected Mr Gold Bug 2 out for an evening stroll to some old exposed bedrock workings where I just knew there had to some small tiny gold hanging out in the schist cracks & crevices. Full max sensitivity, Low mineralization & Boost. Ground balanced with a slight rise on the downward pump. So running flat out & hot. I wasn't long into it when I had my first sweet little Zip Zip. Flick into discrimination & still zip zip.


A few scrapes & it was out


It was the right colour


Not long after another sweet zip zip.


Opened up a bit of a hole.


Ended up with 3 bits out of that dig of which I didn't get a pic. Dont know why.

From the 2nd pic above, with the river way down below, I moved along that flat bit beyond the scoop to where those three raised bits of bedrock schist are. I got a zip zip from the rubble in the middle one.

A sassy bit of gold.


Got two more signals from that same dig that both turned into lead fragments.

Carrying on slowly over the bedrock I got a signal that lived on down a bit into a schist crevice.



A tiny bit of gold


This just carried on happening.


I ended up with 11 small bits for just over half a gram before I decided to call it quits & head home.


I did get my share of shot gun pellets & rubbish. A lot of it I chucked over into the river but some ended up in my pocket.


It was a fun couple of hours. I do have a bit more to tell about a bit of a wake up call that I was greeted with at this spot. But that can wait for another time. Will tomorrow be my christening of my 19" coil?? Cheers.

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

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Fun stuff! Wow, you have to be careful near the edge of that bedrock....looks a long way down! I should get my remaining GB2 out before winter, it's extra lonely now that I recently sold my other one! :-) Can't wait to hear of your big coil adventures!

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Looks like the "poor lonely neglected Mr. Gold Bug 2" still came through for you.  Congrats!!  That's a good evening hunt.  Wish I had longer days here. . . it's dark when I leave for work and dark I come home.

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It sounds like you had a lot of fun. For me this was a great testimony of the GB2 ability to find extremely small gold. Thanks for posting the story and especially the pics.

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I recognize that spot and I don't even live there.. The little bit of river gave it away.. You pulled a deep-crevice edge-dweller earlier in the year.. Neat little spot to have close to home.. Nice bits..! :cool:


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great pic and nice gold too

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Hi there guys & gals, Thanks for your comments & for dropping in.

Idaho Peg: I still do like my GB2 a lot. Between it & the GM 1000 there is not a lot of difference....if any thing. I like the GB2's little 6x3 sniper coil & the fact it is epoxy filled to lock those windings in place. It can take a fair bit of knocking about when poking & prodding bedrock cracks & crevices with no falsing. Not that I bash it about. WOW.....you are spot on the money with your comment about not getting too close to that edge. Yes it is a long way down to the river, & that is exactly what my wake up call post is going to be about. Thanks :smile:

Mr SwampStomper Al, You my friend have a good photographic memory. Or have you physically been to Queenstown & this location? Yes I have showed quite a few pics from & around this spot. It was one of the first places I tried out the GM 1000 where I got numerous pieces of this small gold.


This below pic I did a you tube footage of the piece of gold dug out.


I also took the GB2 back then as well & it too got gold. Why you may ask am I still getting gold off this spot? As I have thrashed it over the years with the GP 3000, 4500 & with the Zed which got more gold as well. I have never failed to get gold here & still continue to. I don't know exactly why it is that I just didnt get it all in the first couple of times. I am always very thorough when I detect spots that have produced gold for me but I have learned over my years of gold detecting that you never ever get it all.....EVER!!! That is why I keep going back to old haunts. Especially now with the Zed......& again with the 19" coil ( which I have yet to do) to certain spots I believe harbor the best chances.

SwampStomper Al said:    You pulled a deep-crevice edge-dweller earlier in the year.. Neat little spot to have close to home.. Nice bits..! :cool:

Mate...you are exactly right, & that area was just up & off to the top left of the above pic where that little prickly bush is showing in the top left. I wasnt going to do it now but I am on a roll, so I will. This is my WAKE UP call. So lets go back to earlier this year where I prized out that slab of schist with a crow bar to chase a little bit of gold (not that I knew it was going to be a piece of gold) that I had got the signal with the Zed that was dropping down further & further into the crevice. I almost had to give up on it.

So this is the slab of schist I prized & the crevice that I created chasing the signal. Note the edge dropping off down down to the river. Notice the prickly bush to the right. That is the same prickly bush in the top left of the above pic.


Next pic I am standing :blink: right on that edge looking back to show the crevice.


This next pic is a distant shot of the ledge.  Yes....the one with the BIG crack in it.:unsure:


Close up: So those glacial gravels you can see on the right is where I got the gold with the GM 1000 & the GB2. This post with the GB2 was at the top of those gravels along that bedrock.


OK...here we go...... That bedrock to the left of that crack....yes....where I was standing digging that crevice.....is no longer there. When it went I don't know....but it wasn't long ago.

Lets revisit the two above pics as it is now. Apart from the slip....note how much higher the river is. Snow melt.


Close up.


It doesn't look so bad from the distance. It isn't until you are standing on top of the ledge looking down.Remember that prickly bush. Thats it to the bottom right.


And again. Note the long tap root that must have been going down into a crevice in the schist's fracture foliation line. Note GB2 at the top. It is sitting where I found that piece of gold with the GM 1000 that I took that you tube footage of.


Prickly bush bottom. This shows the depth of what went....and where I was standing.:wacko:


Again...prickly bush bottom left. Apart from a bit of rubble at the bottom the rest has just been spat out & consumed by the river.


That just completely blew me away when I saw that. The thing was I didnt even notice it when I was digging those bits of gold with the GB2 by the glacial gravels. It wasn't until I was back on top, where the pic showed the GB2 sitting, that I saw it. :ohmy:

GOSH...the things we do chasing a signal. Sorry if this was a bit long winded. But it put the hebbie gebbies up me.

I am off out there. Could today be the 19" coils day??

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

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that is something JW

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