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Hi All

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nice gold , congrats

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I see you are prospecting into the future!  haha  (2107)  I hope there is that much gold for someone then but I think it will all be planted.


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Hi all i hope some had a bit more luck over the Melb Cup long weekend than me 4 days and i could only manage 2.3 grams with the big Z and SDC.

Im still having trouble running the Z in normal seem to get a lot of ghost signals especially around big tree roots any help would be much appreciated.

Pic is of finds over the weekend.

The flat piece on the right is as thin as a bit of paper.


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Cant seem to upload keep getting an error 200 message will try later.

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That may be more an internet connection and timeout problem if the images are extremely large. Reducing the image size will most likely solve the issue.

Anybody who needs a very simple photo resizer should check out Simple Resize:

Simple Resize for Apple

Simple Resize for Android

My favorite PC based app is IrfanView Portable which is so fast and compact it can run from a memory stick. More than a resize app, I do all the photo editing for my website on IrfanView and MS Paint.

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Thanks Steve your just not a wiz on the gold. Cheers


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    • By Andy2640
      Ive frequented this forum many times, especially to view fellow lovers of the foxy-noxy dribble over their new machine.  Im addicted to detecting now, thanks to the many great finds ive had in only 5 weeks use. My list to date:
      3 silver coins (1872 Brit/1828 and a shilling)
      8 musket balls
      18 1900 and 1800 pennies
      I ring (medieval i think)
      A bronze animal figure
      oh and lots of foil, ring pulls and other junk, which has helped me suss out the wheat from the trash via the VDI numbers.
      My fave setting so far is:
      Park 2 - Discrimination 1 - Recovery 4 - sensitivity 18-20
      Hope to bounce some ideas around and learn from you all.  Especially the king of the Nox  and tester - (Steve H)  LOL.   
      Andy (UK)
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      Hi all! My name is Julie and I am new to the forum. I am so happy to be here to make friends with you guys. 
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      Hello everyone! My name is Mark and I've been metal detecting on and off since 2007. My first detector was an Ace 250 and I used it at the local parks and found a ton of pull tabs and clad. This little detector gave me the itch! A year or so later I bought a Minelab Explorer SE and found my first silver in the ground, a war nickel. That same year I found my first half dollar a clad JFK. I used that detector for a few years but never found much because I never did research and I was afraid to ask permission to hunt on peoples property. So I put the detector away for years. A couple years ago I got the itch again from watching metal detecting videos on YouTube so I bought a Minelab CTX3030. I still had the Explorer SE and mentioned to my girlfriend if she wanted to try detecting. She used the Explorer SE and we went to the local parks and started to find things. She was hooked! In fact, I created a metal detecting monster! She wanted to detect all the time and asked a ton of people she knows for permission.... and she got permission from everyone she asked! I then started to do research and we started to find good things! For her birthday her 2 boys and I chipped in and bought her an Equinox 600. She loves it! I tried it out and really liked it a lot. The weight was less than the CTX and I was starting to have shoulder problems so I bought an Equinox 800. Boy do I love that machine! So far we have found a silver charm bracelet, some junk jewellery, a silver class ring, over 50 wheat pennies, a Grand Hotel skeleton key for room 156, a crotal bell, mercury dimes, a Barber dime, 2 Barber quarters, a walking liberty half dollar, silver Washington quarters, silver roseys, a ton of clad and zinc pennies, fistfuls of square nails, and a huge amount of junk. Looking forward to finding lots more once this heat wave stops! Oh I forgot to mention my 2 oldest coins I found this year! A 1848 large cent and an 1826 large cent! I found another large cent but it was so worn all I could make out was some of the stars.
    • By Mike Haer
      I would like to thank Steve for putting together such a great forum. I came across it a few month back on accident while doing some research. I ended up reading a post by Steve that I was blown away by and started looking up some of his other posts. Steve tells it like it is and his knowledge is incredible. Then I started coming across other posts from other people and I knew this was a place I want to be.
       In my personal opinion this is the best forum, I love the layout and the great conversations by a lot of knowledgeable people. Thank you Steve for having such a great place for all of us to discuss metal detecting!
    • By Ruthless79
      Hello All,
      I have been a lurker on here for sometime. I am not extremely experienced in metal detecting, But I do want to learn more. I currently have a Tesoro Compadre but am looking to get another detector soon if I can make up my mind on which one 🤦‍♂️
    • By Mike Haer
      My name is Mike Haer. I have been metal detecting for about 23 years now and I can't get enough. I consider myself a relic hunter but I will also hunt houses, parks and in the summer I like doing some beach and water hunting. Someday I hope to get into some gold hunting.
      I write articles on metal detecting and also do reviews. I also have a metal detecting podcast, episodes are  live every Monday night at 8 p.m. https://www.spreaker.com/user/allmetalmode