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Thankful I Am Not In Alaska!

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There are many things for me to be thankful about right now. Mainly I am thankful that all my family and friends are in decent health. If you ever lose that you find out nothing else really mattered.

Going into my second winter in Reno I sure am glad I am not still in Alaska. Highs in the 20s and lows in the teens in Anchorage at the moment. If I were there I would have put my detectors away a month ago and would have five more months to wait to use them again.

Instead, today I drove over to California to test out some detectors around an old mining camp. Did not find anything of note but learned a lot. Mainly I learned I am liking 60 degrees in late November!

Of course it can't last but no matter what it will seem like it is over before it even starts by my standards. And Arizona is just a days drive away if I wish, though I am finding I do need at least a little down time every year.

Life is good here, and I hope it is for each and every one of you also. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Steve I'm on the opposite side of the scale here with 9 months of the year where the temps are uncomfortable (30 to 40+ degrees C and high humidity) and due to the monsoonal trough extending down from the north usually after Christmas time the grass then starts to grow making it very hard to get a coil onto the ground. However in hot temps you can always get out in the early morning or late afternoon but in cold climates your grounded full stop, so I suppose I should thank my lucky stars.

Summer for me is a good time to kick back and catch up on movies and maybe write a few articles for ICMJ and take a bit of break from detecting so I'm super keen for the next winter season.


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And I might add Johnathon.  If you ever get to the good ole US of A.. Well they like jelly and peanut butter sandwiches. Of course us far way down under folks call Jelly. Jam. I tried one when I was up there, yuk.  So it was a peanut butter Sammie for me after that. And Hersschy put out a chocolate and peanut butter, thingie like a little pancake.  Not for me either,  Now Marmite and chocolate might go together.. 


And yep Steve drove the same highways as you did on trip up to AK.  Took the Alacan all the way up. Then came back down to Washington on the dirt road, the back one.  Very lovely. Did have a laugh when we went through the Bellingham border.  We had a break down shotgun, when you broke it down, well it was a four shot pistol.  But we got it through.  Me as a Commonwealth citizen got two years in Canada and the right to work. Me ole USA mate mate got three months, Then we boot you out.


God Save the Queen.


Cheers Trev

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JP has been to the US and says we put cinnamon on everything. So maybe peanut butter, cinnamon and honey. That might make a good sandwich.

Must say that after trying marmite, I prefer cinnamon.


Certainly been nice weather here for late November, but storms predicted on the way in a few days.

There are times you can go out and prospect this time of year, but its just a day here and there - tough to plan for.

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Hi JP,

The Arizona boys hunt that way, up before the crack of dawn and big siesta mid-day, then hunt again at end of day. It rarely gets hot enough around here to make me do that but then again I sat out middle of last two summers going to Alaska. Next year I stay closer to home.

Well, storms coming and wife just told me to go look for gold so I guess I will wander over to California again today. May be last chance for a bit, they are calling for snow tonight in the passes.

Anyway JP, enjoy your time at home with the family!

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