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I'm sure many of you detect in colder weather than I've been in the last couple days (38F = 3C).  I can keep everything warm but my fingers.  Even with gloves (one on my detecting hand and two on my digging hand) I can't keep my fingers warm.  My detecting hand has a fairly thin (mechanic's) glove so I can handle the controls.  Both hands have been dry so that isn't the problem.  Any advice appreciated.


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Guest Jennifer

I know cold weather detecting is a lot more fun than cold weather high banking....

IMG_0276 1.JPG

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If your cold try some buffalo wool gloves. They will keep you warm and still give good dexterity.


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Wow... 95 bucks for a pair of fuzzy gloves..... I think I will just keep using "thinsulate" gloves for about 15 bucks... light , durable and many styles to choose from.


And for the hot hands .... Here is a couple reusable versions. 

Hot Snaps Reusable Hand Warmers

Heat Wave Reusable Hand Warmers

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you could always just short out a 9v battery for a minute in your hand for a quick warm up....did that once by accident in my pant pocket...never again will make that mistake.

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Yeah, I always wondered about battery heated gloves. Might be just the ticket. Rechargeable and good for several hours. If you just used the detector hand the battery from the other glove could be used as backup for extra hours.

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