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MX7 On Relic Roundup

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White's Field Team members Dominque Da Silva and D.J. Yost will be discussing the new White's MX7, talking about their time on the field team and some of their finds that they have made over the years. Join us tonight Monday 11/6/2017 at 9:00 PM Eastern at www.spreaker.com/admrr. If you wish to join the discussion you can call us at 678 439-1863 when we open up the lines.

American Digger Relic Roundup - For diggers and collectors of history. An hour long program every Monday Night at 9:00 PM eastern standard time. Join your hosts Butch Holcombe, Jeff Lubbert and Heath Jones as they explore the past. Learn more about Metal Detecting, Treasure hunting in all it's forms, and the preservation of history. Learn from our callers, and expert show guest's This is a call in show (678-439-1863) and you are encouraged to participate.


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Note:  I use quotes here but I'm just paraphrasing what I heard, so please keep that in mind.

I listened to the show last evening.  There wasn't much new info regarding the MX7.  One of the questions asked was "when will it be available?" and Dominique said "2 or 3 weeks".  When pressed further with "is that a firm timeframe?" she said 'yes'.  Now, she's a member of the field team living in the Northeast US, not in Sweet Home.  But at the same time, I hope she wouldn't say that without some pretty strong indication from the main office that what she is saying is accurate.

Another comment that caught my ear regards the weight.  D.J. (also a field team member living in the East) said something about "a pound lighter than the MX-Sport, an maybe a little more than that."  At least I think that is what he said.  I looked for specs on the WWW and found something more in the range of 3 1/2 lb.  Does the MX-Sport weigh 4 1/2 lb??  Dominique stated more than once that it is very well balanced, so that is obviously a key plus.

When pressed for its performance the White's team members kept comparing it to the MX-Sport, saying it's basically the same guts (my word) and thus very similar in performance to that already existing detector.  The price ($600 retail and $550 MAP) makes it more attractive than the heavier (but waterproof) Sport for dry land detectorists.

Oh, and there were questions about depth but Steve H.'s annoyance at those kinds of 'measurements' is rubbing off on me now.  Even independent of ground mineralization, the uncertainty around depth measurements has to be pretty significant for a lot of reasons.  And there's always the bias that (some) people want to claim deeper target recovery which affects their reports in a non-random way.  Even test garden depth demos aren't ideal, IMO.  You know exactly where the target is located and what it is, so there's zero chance you miss swinging over it dead center or recognizing it (although not necessarily getting a valid TID).  (Starting to ramble and get off topic so I'll end now.)

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If you look at the specs at MX7 & MX Sport Compared you will see the MX7 listed as 3.6 lbs and the MX Sport at 4.2 lbs.

I only pay attention to weights with batteries installed (operational weight on arm) and I have found most manufacturer specs in catalogs and on websites to be inaccurate, and guess which way. The White's MX Sport is shown in the manual as being 4 lbs, but I weighed one with batteries installed on my postal scales and got 4.23 lbs.

The MX7 is listed at 3.6 lbs in the manual and so just over a half pound lighter, but I do not know if that is accurate as I have not confirmed it personally. Based on White's figures the MX7 is 0.4 lbs lighter than an MX Sport, but I think it is more like 0.6 lbs lighter. Until somebody puts an MX7 with batteries installed on a postal scale that's the best I can offer. The bottom line is it is lighter and with the 950 coil should also be better balanced.

Yeah, the MX7 is an MX Sport in a lighter weight, better balanced, less expensive package. It can be used to wading depths (keep control box and pod out of water) and so a better deal for anyone except those who actually want to submerge the detector. Since the 950 coil is buoyant (the downside of being lighter) a person would however probably want one of the epoxy filled wading coil options if that was a major part of the use.

Thanks for the report. Anyone else interested can follow the link above and listen to the recording of the show.

White's MX7 search coil options

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You're welcome.  And thanks for clarifying the weight, as best can be determined right now.  It's certainly possible D.J. said "half a pound" and I missed the 'half' part.  I bet our inside guy at White's (ahem, Tom) could clear this up, or we can just wait a few weeks and get the reports from new owners.

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