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Minelab Equinox Full Specifications & Brochures

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From the Minelab Equinox 600 / 800 Getting Started Guide

* This asterisk appears throughout the guide, indicating features only available on the EQUINOX 800 model.

Click for larger versions...





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I knew more Equinox info was on the way after I received an early 6" of snow!  New Minelab Equinox = long hard winter..  Thanks for posting the info Steve.. can't wait for this one. 


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What is the availability date?

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Just weighed my Minelab X-Terra 705 with 7.5 kHz 6 in. concentric coil (batteries loaded) at 2.91 lb.  The Equinox weight (2.96 lb) includes a larger coil.  Throw in the fact that it's waterproof while the X-Terra isn't, and they've made significant strides.  (Contrast with the CTX barbell.  :smile:)

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11 hours ago, mn90403 said:

What is the availability date?

Nobody knows yet. Lots of rumors being promoted. Anything less than an official Minelab announcement should be ignored, and even that taken with a grain of salt when it appears.

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The Nox may weigh more than the Terra,... but it will be perfectly balanced. LOL

The best mod I did to my 705 was a bicycle bottle strapped under the original stand. The stand is pretty useless anyway. I stuff it full with some rags, spare set of batteries. 1/4” to 3.5mm adapter and some earbuds. Last thing I add when I’ve got the coil of my choice mounted is 1oz fishing weights. And you can trim the unit till it’s got just the wright detecting angle.

Because the counterweight is under your elbow it’s got a very natural swing to it. An extension of your arm.

25 years of starting chainsaws has turned my shoulder into mush. But wielding a heavy brushcutter doesn’t cause any discomfort. Swishing a fast Deus or F19 and it burns like H&//.

So less weight isn’t always the solution, the brushcutter shuffle or the minelab jigg does the trick.

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Must have been an error in the brochure - it has been temporarily deleted from Minelab's website. I will replace the link when it becomes available again. 

Edit - brochure link is back

Minelab Equinox 600 / 800 Brochure

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    • By bklein
      I am not liking my EQ600 with 15” coil and am wondering if it’s just my brain is too attached to my CTX, or if something is wrong with the coil or detector. I am noticing that the coil cable is being sensed if moved when I’m detecting so I did this little video test that uses my car as a ferrous background/target. If I move the cable with it in the background it senses the movement. But if I do it in air, no detection of the cable.  I’ve never seen this discussed or tried before so don’t know what to think about it.
    • By longbow62
      I posted this on another forum other than Detector Prospector also. I feel Detector Prospector tends to be a bit more technical oriented than the other forum so I posted it here also.
      I am 100% all in on the Equinox. I like it so much I have 2 800's. My biggest gripe is how susceptible it is to EMI. Some of my best spots have EMI so bad I have to turn the Nox down to like 15 or below. I used to run a Nokta Impact in 14kHz as my main detector before I got the Nox and it had EMI issues also, but I don't remember it being quite as bad. I think the Nox is a much hotter detector than the Impact is. It's sure a lot deeper than the Impact. I don't have the problem everywhere so I know it's not a detector problem. Running a smaller coil helps some, but not a lot.
      So I've had an Etrac and never once did I have any audible EMI issues. Is it Multi-IQ that is susceptible or what?
      Do power companies check for EMI issues like bad connections or transformers that may be the culprit? Most of my issues have been in the older parts of towns where the power infrastructure tends to be much older.
      How many other people with the Equinox notice EMI is worse on it more than other detectors they use?  
    • By aerospace guy
      After following EQ's progression I decided to buy the 800 hoping for a "simpler" detector than the GPX5000 which I sold. Part of that decision was based on one of Gerry's posts along the lines of "I've found more with a sub $1000 machine than all the more expensive ones ". My 1st time out proved to substantiate the claims made that the EQ will find small gold and larger as I found what I classify when dry washing as a -20 and found a 4.29 gram nugget! This while not fully understanding how to operate the detector! Using the "quick start' and owners full manual I was able to succeed. I hope there are some comprehensive videos out now that I can access?
    • By F350Platinum
      Got a 600, been taking it to the beach every day. About 3-4 hours in with the sun beating down on it, the LCD display becomes hard to read. Should I get a hat for it? 😀 Seriously, is this a common issue? When I turn around and it's shaded somewhat or of I let it cool down for a bit the screen comes back, but it's annoying.
    • By Earth sweeper
      I have not done any updates to my Equinox 800 until tonight. I could only find 2 updates - 2.0 and 3.0. I did both updates. I thought there was an earlier update as well. Did they combine the earlier one with 2.0?
    • By 67GTA
      My brain has been programmed over the years by all the VLF detectors I've used, and their default operation. You had notch (absence of audio) and discrimination (absence of detection). Then with the Deus, I had to introduce the silencer paradigm into my brain. No problem, kind of a hybrid discrim/audio filter to keep you from hearing "iffy" signals. A higher silencer setting will only let strong/confident signals through. When I started using the Equinox, I only quickly skimmed through the manual and started using it. My brain automatically associated iron bias with iron discrimination, and the horseshoe button with a preset audio notch. Apparently I've been using it wrong. According to the manual, the iron bias is more like the Deus silencer setting, and the horseshoe button is a preset iron discrimination pattern. My brain started smoking while I was testing stuff in my yard. With the horseshoe button on and iron bias F2@9, I was still hearing an iron nail next to a dime. I was expecting the nail to be discriminated out because of the iron bias setting. It was just the opposite. The nail doesn't get detected with the horseshoe button off and doesn't even register on the screen because it's being discriminated out. Hopefully this helps some new or even old detectorists understand the Equinox better. Minelab and their manual are very vague about the Equinox technology. I assume this would also apply to the Vanquish series.
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